My first email address when I got on the internet was one of those obscure ones like Really easy to remember, right? I was so attached to that address that I kept it through ISPs being sold, hotmail being started and letters telling me my account would be closed. If I remember correctly I was still able to use it even when I went to some other ISP. I steadfastly ignored all requests to change it to something else as it was my first email address and dear to my heart. That is, it WAS dear to my heart until the amount of junk mail I was receiving was 200 times more than the actual emails to me personally.

Regretfully it had to go so like a little lost hobo I flitted from email address to email address, using free ones such as, a brief dalliance with hotmail and some flirting with s-mail. I could always dump them because I mostly used them to sign up to sites I had not intention of going back to. I’m now happily settled in my gmail account but not even it can totally keep the bad mail away. Which is lucky because then I wouldn’t have anything to put on a spam shirt.

Making a spam shirt is easy, just click male or female, choose your spam message, colours and size, pay your 22 euro and woof woo – you look so spiffy. I’m thinking of getting the one that says “Be the 9 Inch Man your goddess craves”. But if I want something really witty, I just have to ask my manager – he always get the best emails. They usually consist of:

Dog Ice cream viagra KSLFJE working for you!

Wouldn’t that make a good t-shirt? I know I’ve always needed that product!



5 thoughts on “What’s pink and comes in a can?

  1. Lucy-loo says:

    Please tell me you know who the violent fems are!!!!!! NO ONE ELSE KNOWS :'( :'( :'( :'( IDIOTS

  2. Kel says:

    Not knowing who the Violet Femmes are, is just inconceivable. How ignorant are they!

    Btw – Amy was the one who introduced ME to the Violet Femmes, so she knows 🙂

  3. madram says:

    Ahh… it’s good to know the next generation is taking up worship of the Violent Femmes – even if the actual VFs are doddering grandfathers now.

    Regarding s.p.a.m., it’s getting far worse that the usual “low cost YJRS&* under blue 45th overnite delivery” I find in my in-box each day: now my born-again nephew in Chicago is sending me religous s.p.a.m. 🙁

  4. Kel says:

    I’ll bet that you can get some awesome t-shirt slogans from religious spam!


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