A critque of songs I’ve been listening to that have gone straight to the top of my itunes top 20.

Nellie McKay – Clonie
Ah Nellie, the polarizer of music listeners everywhere. Is she a jazz artist or a rapper? My definition of her is a New Yorker. Will she be the biggest thing since fucking Eminem? Probably not, but this xylophone infused ode to a genetically created twin is extremely funny, and immediately brightens your day. If you felt like commiting suicide, play this and suddenly you will be dancing and singing like elmo. The genius lines are these:

Oh clonie how I love you
I’m the only person I ever loved
Gee, that’s swell
I guess you’re just my fatal attraction-y
You’re my clonie

I also love the little japanese xylophone ending. Every day should begin or end with this song.

Bloc Party – Helicopter
The story goes that they sent their album to the singer of Franz Ferdinand because there were similarities in their music. He assisted in gaining them a record deal and now we can all enjoy them. Yeah, there are similarities between the two but the thing that sets Bloc Party apart from the rest of the indie disco pop crowd is the drumming. The beats just propel the entire album along and are sometimes more interesting than the words. I haven’t stopped listening to this album for over a week and although “This Modern Love” and “The Pioneers” are my favourites at the moment, Helicopter was the first song I made a connection with. There are pauses in the song that are timed differently to most pauses and I can’t get the hang of it. As if to say he doesn’t like chocolate! I play this loud on the train and always get sly looks from teenagers.

The Knife – Heartbeats
She sort of sounds like Bjork singing over the top of an 80s synth band but without being contrived. This swedish band were introduced to me by Jeremy and has been a complete revelation. The album is a few years old now but maybe it took so long to do the rounds because the public wasn’t quite ready for it. I’m not sure many 80s hits had synth Jamacian drums in it but this works incredibly well. The bridge at 2.33 minutes is probably the best moment and the bit where she goes “Yeah”. The whole thing has unexpected moments in it which makes it easy to listen to over and over again.

!!! – Hello, is this thing on?
Sort of electronic, sort of punk, sort of excellent. It goes for 7 minutes with jangly guitars, words about being a nigel at a nightclub and some confused screaming at the end. The dancy bass is what draws you in, but don’t ask me to pronounce the artist. (I think it is Chk. Chk. Chk)



4 thoughts on “Tunes I’m thrashing to death

  1. madram says:

    All these are totally unknown to me. I expect they will appear on Amy’s next volume of her custom-mix “iPODless” series. I’ve been trying to give the first volume a good critical listen, but I’m hampered by my beloved 25 year old NAD amplifier being in the hi-fi fix-it workshop. Thus, I am having to make do with a crappy el-cheapo amp from JB Hi Fi. I have, however, given the disk a couple o spins and give thumbs up to Kings of Convenience (Amy must be a closet Simon & Garfunkle fan), Rilo Kiley and The Veils. And of course, Missy H, but that could be Janey’s prediliction for what Amy calls “vagina music” rubbing off on me. There may be hope for “modern” music, after all… Might sound even better if I give into tempatation and buy a replacement for my old NAD.

  2. jason cripps says:

    whats up with your nad amp? i/’m in the market for one and was enquiring if their good value i mean a 25 year amp is a pretty good run i’d say i have a 18 year old teac amp purchased in 1987 and it still is in fine working order only had the faulty power amp ic and caps in power supply,o/h complete mother board for dry joints,cleaned all pots,switches in 1999 for $145.00 also not to costly,hope your nads okay and doesn’t cost the earth to repair.

  3. jason cripps says:

    whats up model no is your nad amp? is it just a amp or a receiver as well? what amp would you purchase if need be in the futurre/

  4. madram says:

    Jason: mine was an old Model 3020 – just an amp; have always been a components person, so keep tuners separate from amps. The original review of the 3020 way back then raved about it – I bought it and it was absolutely brilliant value and sound. Gave flawless service for 25 years; many parties and memories. Finally gave up the ghost – first one channel, then the next. Took it to a NAD dealer – when I also told them the speakers it was running (a pair of 2-way Advents) they said I must live in a museum. They took it as a personal challenge to try to bring my amp back to life, but after two weeks admitted defeat – they’d replaced most of the likely problem components, but no joy (didn’t charge me for their efforts, ‘tho). While there, I listened to the new NADs – magic – and under AUD$500. it’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned – hope to get the NAD C320BEE (there reaally have only been two new NAD models since I bought my 3020!) in a few weeks.


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