Pauline has been fantasising recently about getting a new car. Her 2001 Magna Solara (links to someone elses car) was always never very satisfactory when doing a u-turn, but what broke the camel’s back was not being able to fit a birdcage in it. She quite fancied the BMWs thanks to a lot of Top Gear and 5th Gear reviews, so to bring here back to reality I took her to a dealership. Walking past the $50 000 bottom of the range 1 series my eyes started to water as I tried to figure out where all the money went. While I was testing the extremely uncomfortable seats Pauline was asking important questions like where does the ipod plug in. I’d had enough by then and said we should go look at the second hand ones. Bargain, they were only $2000 cheaper! In my mind it was all over but hers was desperately trying to figure out a way to get her work to pay for one. We crossed the road to the Alfa Romeo dealership and when I sat in the 147 seats it was like being home. It was very special but according to BMW fan Pauline, they don’t hold their value well.

Obviously neither brands are suitable so I have a new suggestion. She wants a car that can carry a lot of stuff, I want one that is a bit retroistic and individual. So I propose the Cheverolet SSR. It’s a convertible ute styled on the old Holdens!


Did I mention it’s a convertible! Unfortunately they won’t be making a right hand drive and therefore won’t be sold in Australia so she is spared of any pressure from me. Plus it’s front is a bit googly eyed and doesn’t look mean which is high on the criteria for the big P. But I like the idea, if not the implementation.



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