One day to put the doors in, the next morning they finished it up and now we have a view of Brisbane everytime we go to the toilet. Obviously the new doors have made a huge difference and my only complaint is that my cockatiel now screams a lot more often thanks to the cool echo in the room. Here is the play by play in pictures of the installation.

Original windows and back door, there is a deck behind there, honest.

The windows were load bearing so they had to do some prep work so the roof would stay up.
Load bearing

Windows and doors are out and they start framing up.
Where are the windows

End of day one, doors are in but there is still a hole and they need to do the finishes.
Doors are in

All done, now all that is left to do is some staining of the doors and to paint the room.



10 thoughts on “The deck doors are done!

  1. Toina says:

    Hey Amy, fan bloody tastic I say. I’m full of green. Love the deck. Good luck with the bathroom.


  2. Kel says:

    That looks awesome! I’m sure mum & aunty sue can’t wait to cook up another storm in your kitchen to celebrate the doors arrival. I think they’ll go with any excuse to have a party at your place!

    Just a note – you have a view of Brisbane every time you go to the loo…well Brisbane has a view of you. So no nudey runs!!

  3. Amyo says:

    Don’t worry, they will be reused. The door will probably end up being the bathroom door and we might use the windows downstairs if we ever build in downstairs. I can’t say goodbye to that green just yet. 🙂
    And I thought you weren’t retro Danielle? (remember the watch?)

  4. Mum says:

    Looks amazing. Congratulations you two I am so happy that you finally achieved your dream deck. Only took a couple of years and then action

  5. Susan says:

    The french doors look great but seeing the old windows and door, I never realised how nice they were……..
    Let’s hope you can re-use them – sooner rather than later! I know, not that I can talk.

  6. amyo says:

    Yeah, the picture doesn’t show that it took two of us to close the windows cause they are so bloody heavy! I’m not sure what the story is with the door though, it’s actually had the top cut off. I don’t know if that the people before us did it or whether it’s always been like that.

  7. Aunty Sue says:

    Congratulations, I love them. Makes a big difference. I was waiting to see the view. Next time you go to the loo, need to take a picture so we can see too

  8. Kel says:

    Did anyone else notice how much Aunty Sue just rhymed??

    (Sue, view, loo, too)

  9. Kate says:

    yo amy, you still got those windows? or did you sell em?

    we found a fan! and they’d be worth so much now that you’re famous!
    Kate x


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