So I’ve had two days with the iphone and what are my thoughts? Well I’ve used it enough to have to recharge it twice, it’s crashed once and gps was broken for a few hours and yet I still love it more than maybe any other device I’ve had. Last night when I went to the Roar match I used it for all it intended to be. I twittered the live scores, sent photos of the brazilian drum band playing, checked my email, sent my gps co-ordinates with a google map to twitter and looked up the krispy kreme store hours on their website. My connection to the online world is no longer untethered when I leave the house and that suits me enormously.

I’ve created ringtones, imported them in to itunes, assigned them to people using contacts and used photos from iphoto to assign them to people in my address book. I can’t tell you how cool it was when Danielle rang and a funny photo of her in a catflap hat appeared while the beginning of Madonna’s “In to the Groove” ringtone played (it’s an in joke). I haven’t installed any extra software on my mac to get the phone working (apart from an itunes upgrade) and since all of my contacts were on my mac I didn’t have to transfer any numbers over. Easy to use baby!

As for the applications I’ve installed, twitteriffic is number one (due to my current love affair with twitter) but a close second is shazam. Shazam is an app that listens to the music currently playing and tells you what the song is. I was in the stadium listening to a version of Rhianna’s Umbrella song. I had no idea who it was, so made shazam listen. Even with the noise of the crowd and the talking around me it still picked up that it was a punk band called “All time low” who was doing the cover. There is another app called midomi that lets you hum the tune or say the words and it will tell you what the song could be. Never again will I not be able to answer who wrote this song! Those apps have a wow factor when demoing to others. The other application I think is sweet is the ability to control your itunes library. You might think big deal, apple remote can do that. What it can’t do though is have me sitting on the back deck, speakers are connected to airport express and imac is down the other end of the house. The mood has changed and the music no longer suits, I go to my iphone, browse my playlists and select a new bunch of songs – without touching the imac screen once. Sweetness. Also works with my appletv.

So what sucks? Well the camera is certainly lame, but no worse than my previous phone. Battery life is a bit small, but I expect it will go back to normal once I stop touching the phone every 5 seconds. Email only appears when I go to check it, so until I get push email I won’t know if I have mail instantly. I haven’t signed up for mobileme yet, but that is today’s task and it will then allow me to have email notifications.

I’m not sure that I mentioned it yesterday in my post about lining up, but Optus managed the queue and issues quite spectacularly. They discussed our plans as we waited in line, fed, drank and entertained us. We had carpet to stand on heaters to warm us and chairs to sit on (more thanks to jimmy’s though). From what I hear Telstra was their typical selves, people supposedly only got coffee. It was a nice introduction to the network carrier for me.

Now, see you later, I’m off to see what more fun I can have with it.



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