1. Myer isn’t very experienced at game console launches – especially succesful ones. An hour and a half in line because only 2 cash registers were being used isn’t good customer service. See Cameron’s blog for details.

2. People who aren’t gamers absolutely love the wii. I had people stay for four hours playing Wii Sports because they enjoyed it so much. I think it helps that they can play with the characters they created in the Mii channel.

3. The Mii channel is actually really fun. Sitting there for hours making Celebrity Miis is worth it when they turn up in your baseball game hitting home runs. Where else could you see Jesus, Borat and Lara Croft all on the same team.

4. It has cool touches like when you get an email on the wii the blue light in the slot drive lights up – even when the wii is switched off. This is because it can check for email and updates even in soft off.

5. I own Red Steel, Wii Play and Wii Sports. So far Wii Sports is by far the best game I’ve got. It even has a fitness section which will give you a score everytime you play. It rates the score based on balance, speed and stamina.

6. The console excels as a social tool. I guess it’s why it’s called the wii as it brings people together. However, right now it’s online gaming situation is non existant so that is a bit of a let down. Nintendo may have decided to take it slow though so that people are able to get used to the wiimote before throwing something new down. Dole it out bits at a time.

7. This console is going to rock on Xmas day when all the relatives play it!



10 thoughts on “What I have learnt in the 5 days I’ve had a Wii

  1. CamDS says:

    You so need to send me Lara Croft… The Mii Channel is Great… Borat is pretty good is the outfield!

    Wii sports hasn’t made it out of my console since Friday night… In hind site I should have waited for the other games because Wii sports is so fun!

    Oh and I have a sore shoulder from all the tennis!

  2. Kel says:

    The new age of technology; no longer are you hurting your thumbs, but progressing onto joints and limbs, and large muscle groups.

    Can’t wait to give it a try.

  3. amyo says:

    I can’t say I came up with all the celebrities – the only original one I came up with was called “Pre Wacko” – Michael’s face before all the surgery. The rest I just copied from here:


  4. amyo says:

    By the way Cameron, I gave in to that $39 special and bought Kongo Bongo…

    I get knocked down, but I get up again!

    I’ve learnt that I’m really quite crap at Bongo.

    Also, Pauline has way better Wii Sport Fitness then me. 🙁

  5. Anonymous says:

    the timing of this travelling thing is crap –
    I wanna have a Wii too !
    I wanna play with a Wii too !
    I wanna be online with a Wii too !
    I wanna blue light coz someone loves me on my Wii too !
    I wanna be sore from the thumbs up coz of my Wii too !
    I wanna have all my friends to stay longer coz of my Wii too !


  6. amyo says:

    Yeah, I’ve had peverse fun saying things like:

    “I’m going home to play with my wii”
    “I had a wii last night”
    “I’ve been wiiing all day”

    I wonder how many gave their wii the nickname poo when setting it up?

  7. scuppers says:

    When i get one i am definetly going to be one of those people

  8. Kel says:

    Yeah, mats decided he definately wants one too. He’ll probably get one for my birthday and pretend it was all for me, when I know he wants one just as bad as me *grin*


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