Yeah it’s what everybody does at the end of the year but lists are great for discovering that cd you missed because you were too much in lust with some other cd. I don’t know if the quality of music this year was poor or if I just found it hard to connect with only 15 minute snippets on a scooter ride to work but I found it a bit of a struggle to make the list bigger than 5. Either that or I’m lazy. At least this year it’s comes with youtube links!

1. The Feeling – Twelve Stops and Home

My mother recommended this to me. My mother! I guess it makes sense considering it was the combined listening habits of her and my father that had some influence on my musical taste. But she is showing her age a little as this is very much a Beatles/Supertramp/Insert British Band here classic. Songs about cup of teas, usage of the words “bloody well” and titles like Blue Piccadilly inspire images of Royal Britannia in the same way that Ray Davies from the Kinks did. What I like best about it though is it’s a happy album even if it’s lyrics are full of lust and leaving. [The Feeling Website] Most played song in iTunes – Love It When You Call.

2. The Magic Numbers – The Magic Numbers

I’m a sucker for a band who has guys and girls singing in it – especially if they are brother and sister and especially if they are hairy and *ahem* a little on the large side. But I didn’t know any of that when I fell in love with this record. This is one of those albums you cling to during a breakup because it describes everything you feel but it’s not so depressing to make you want to kill yourself. It has some amazing pop moments with a little tinge of country that always makes it’s way in to the best songs. It doesn’t strictly fit in the “released in 2006” category but this is the year I discovered it and it’s my list so shut up ok. [The Magic Numbers Website] Most played song in iTunes – Love Me Like You

3. Justin Timberlake – FutureSex/LoveSounds

I was never much of an N’Sync fan but I’ve been in to the wooden water since he picked on Britney with the stalking video song. This album is obviously a Timbaland collaboration which was an intelligent pick by Justin considering the guy can shit out songs that are amazing (See Nelly Furtado album for further information. Sexy Back isn’t bad, but the beats from My Love just completely blow my mind. As a bit of an indie girl I’m also partial to the final two and a half minutes of Lovestoned with the guitars – killer. Justin is releasing the albums the so called “King of Pop” should be releasing. [Justin Timberlake Website] Most played song in iTunes – My Love

4. Lily Allen – Alright, Still…

It must be England’s go to be good at music this year as America and the Uk like to take turns. Yeah, she is a female Streets but who cares, she wears trainers with dresses. I think she is actually better than Streets as the music is much more interesting and varied. She likes to sing/rap about her brother smoking pot and small dicks – the gist of the album is revenge, so I guess once you’ve used the Magic Numbers album during the breakup, you should use this album to make you feel better. [Lilly Allen Website] Most played song in iTunes – Smile

5. The Grates – Gravity Won’t Get You High

A hometown Brisbane band offered me the most surreal moment of the year as I wandered a kitchen shop in Stones Corner. A little old lady was serving at the counter listening to the old wireless when out comes “Some motherfuckers think they’re born to dance!”. She didn’t bat an eye. I usually steer clear of cute things but I think their videos are great. Patience seems to have more energy than a man using viagra and how cool is it to see a female drummer. But that’s really not the point – the album is great fun but it is one of those that grow on you. [The Grates Website] Most played song in iTunes – Science is Golden

The other potentials that didn’t quite make due to one reason or another are:

  • Scissor Sisters – Ta Dah
  • The Killers – Sam’s Town
  • Regina Spektor – Begin to Hope

I’m surprised a little by the lack of obscure choices. These seem quite obvious. Based on the results the records were overwhelmingly poppy. Is riding a scooter every day making me seek out uplifting music? Am I depressed and just trying to make myself feel better? Or am I really happy and just reflecting my mood in music. Find out next year in the next installment of Best Albums of the Year as decided by me.



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  1. Brad Mullet says:

    I’m not too fussed by Justin Timberlake’s new direction, from what I’ve heard so far.

    Never came across The Grates before….interesting….


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