I went out for lunch on Saturday to Stone on Grey Street in Southbank – located in the Saville Hotel. It was picked primarily because it offers discounts in the entertainment book and because it’s menu looked yum. It also helped that they had free parking at Southbank as well even if we had to park way down the other end near the Southbank train station.

Stone is located in the hotel but you are in the corner with huge glass windows that allow you to watch the street outside. Inside it is all natural earth colours including the menus, with nice wooden but modern style seating. It’s all designed to fade in to the background so that the real attraction is the food.

Five meals were ordered and mine was the best on the list. I’d ordered a turkey breast with macadmia nut stuffing in mulled win jus and potatoes which was one of the more expensive meals at $28. Also ordered were fish and chips, masaman curry and perri perri chicken which apparently wasn’t as good as nandos.

For dessert I won again with Callebut white chocolate mousse, black pepper biscuit with mint milkshake drizzle. The lime creme brulee was pretty good too, especially when the desserts were only $12. Normally when you dine at that sort of establishment you feel like your food is incredible to look at but you don’t walk away pleasantly full. I found this untrue of Stone as my food was great, filling and inexpensive comparatively speaking.

I was pleasantly surprised by our experience especially as it is one of the first Brisbane restaurants I’ve been too where they design the food to look as good as it tastes. The good news is I can go again with the entertainment card because it’s not coupon based.



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