When you do an albums of 2006 list you cannot neglect the songs of 2006 list. My criteria is that it was the top played songs in my monthly favourite song list in iTunes for 2006. This means that there are some 2004 and 2005 songs in there that I only grew a great affection for this year. Most of these links are for youtube, but there are some itunes and weirdo links in there. This is in order of most played after removing songs that were in the best album list.

  1. Jenny Lewis – Rise Up With Fists Already the singer of my most favourite song ever, I now get to also watch her looking extremely sexy wearing a dress that covers everything? Make sure you listen to the lyrics
  2. Jenny Wilson – Love Ain’t Just a Four Letter Word Another song with killer lyrics – have you ever read a newspaper baby? An oddbod singer who does duets with my other favourite swede Robyn. Why is this not a single?
  3. Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing Obviously the feel good hit of the summer but also the hardest song to sing of the summer. How many of you really know the words?
  4. The New Pornographers – The Bleeding Heart Show This is a grower, but once the crescendo of the ending hits you when Neko Case starts singing “we have arrived to late to play the bleeding heart show” you are hooked.
  5. Gnarls Barkley – Crazy This song has no hook but it feels like it should. I think I primarily listened to it mainly to see what the big deal about it was but I still like it
  6. My Morning Jacket – Off the Record It rocks, it jives, it bops. I like the way he accentuates words in this song and also the basic guitar strumming that turns in to a huge jam
  7. Pink – Who Knew Easily the best female pop song of the year. Pauline picked this one and played it every morning for a week until I too was addicted
  8. Death Cab for Cutie – Brothers on a Hotel Bed Just a sweet little sad song
  9. Evermore – It’s too late I was slow to this, but it took me months to discover what I was singing in my head that I’d heard once but didn’t know the name of
  10. Morningwood – Nth Degree Good fun, shit repetative lyrics
  11. Nelly Furtado – Maneater Timbaland beats while Nelly eats
  12. The Research – The Way you used to Smile Dorky english pop that is endearing in a sad deranged way
  13. Air – Run Thanks to Veronica Mars this was pulled out again to be appreciated the second time around.
  14. Arctic Monkeys – Fake Tales of San Francisco Yeah, they were hyped but worthy. Any song with Trilby in it is cool by me
  15. Brendan Benson – Feel Like Myself Noticed thanks to his association with Jack White this is the happy poppy indie song I was searching for this year
  16. Eskimo Joe – Black Fingernails, Red Wine Aussie rock that is reminincent of serious 80s musicians like Noiseworks and Icehouse
  17. Pedro the Lion – Suspect fled the scene I have to have a country influenced song or else it’s just not a playlist from me.
  18. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Turn Into It’s the drums, piano and it’s similarity to the new pornographers song that are the attraction
  19. The Boy Least Likely To – I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star Another strange odd song that kind of grew on me
  20. Jamie Lidell – Multiply This guy doesn’t look like a soul singer but my god he sounds like one.

Almost forgot.. here are the ones that didn’t quite have time to make it in to the top 20

  • My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade
  • Magic Dirt – Envious
  • Regina Spektor – Begin to Hope
  • Art Brut – Moving to LA
  • The Knife – The Captain



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