I downloaded the new beta version of the Flock browser the other day and liked what I saw except for one thing. I was frustrated because I couldn’t get it to work with my 3.2 movable type blog until I discovered this tip:

Each user of MT 3.2 has a two passwords — one to log in to MT, and a different one to use the API. (You don’t want to give your password to a bunch of Flockers, do you?) I just successfully posted to an MT3.2 installation from Flock. From MT’s Knowledge Base:

To provide enhanced security when using third party clients, Movable Type now provides for a separate API password (rather than forcing you to use your normal author login password). Here’s how to set up this new password:

* Log into Movable Type.
* Click on your username in the top navigatioinal menu to go to your profile.
* Scroll down to the bottom where you see API Password.
* Input a password of your choice and save. For security reasons, it should be different from your normal author password.
* Use the new password in your client software.

So it wasn’t a flock issue after all but a little bit of a password understanding. So now I’m here blogging from the browser wondering if when I press the publish button whether or not it will work. It’s already incredibly cool as I was able to drag that text quoted above on to the “shelf” and then in to the browser window. I can already think of a million uses for that shelf and am excited about the prospect. This blogging window offers basic html stuff such as making links, lists, bolds and indents. It’s kind of like the default editor in movable type. I wonder if I can drag and drop images as well?

Flickr Photo

OMG it does!! This is bloody brilliant! How pissed off are the blogging tools like w.bloggar and zempt going to be? I can tell already that I’m going to jump ship from Firefox as this browser runs all the firefox extensions. I’m so fickle.

If you are interested about what flock has to offer you can find out more info on Paul Stamatiou’s site. This is a cool application.



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