As a fanatical Vespa owner I often spend my spare time reading websites dedicated to the finest scooter on two wheels. So you can imagine the incredible thrill I had when I discovered that I had been quoted on the Vespaquest blog (thrill being me yelling out at Pauline that I was “internet famous”). I had been enjoying the usual posts by Justene about her midlife crisis and Crystal’s essential Vespa accessories page and then noticed that my words were on one of the official vespa blogs! How cool is that.

I also don’t think I’ve mentioned that recently Pauline has felt a *little* dissatisfied with her sportcity since she discovered that she needs to mod it to beat me in drags off the line and has been eyeing off the new Vespa GTS250 that she saw in Scootopia on a visit. I saw one on the road the other day and it looks hot! But that might be because it looks just like mine only bigger. She actually got Peter at the store to give her a trade in quote for an upgrade. She didn’t like what she heard so she’ll probably wait until next year when the GTS250 might come out with different colours (she is partial to purple). Do you think my Puppa had any influence on her decision? I mean that is the bike she chooses to take to the shops on the weekend. 🙂

Since I didn’t want this post to be just about my little ego boost and paying out Pauline, I’ll let you in on some of the vespa accessories I wouldn’t mind having – some of them don’t exist though:

  • The paint job that I haven’t decided on
  • A cup holder
  • A camera the size of the one in the new imac that has a button near the on switch so I can take pictures whenever I find something worth photographing (but it might be more useful on the helmet)
  • A gps navigation system for long trips
  • An ipod dock
  • Some flip out passenger footpegs so that they aren’t so uncomfortable



3 thoughts on “Vespastential

  1. Jules says:

    For the paint job: Bandito’s Motorcycle Club insignia.

    Then, before the real Bandito’s turn up somewhere, you turn up before-hand, say you’re a Bandito, and that everyone better watch out!! Do some real lame little donuts in front of the pub. Then scoot off. When the real Banditos arrive, everyone will laugh at them!!!!


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