I thought I’d give a shout out to my favourite bits of software that I use daily to perhaps interest people who don’t spend 24 hours attached to the internet (if you are a geek this will be nothing new to you):

  • Itunes – This plays music and is indespensible if you have an ipod or a large music collection. The best parts are the smart playlists and ratings. Plus it’s sexy.
  • Mozilla Firefox – Forget Internet Explorer with it’s ease of use to install spyware. Firefox is currently getting the geeks all excited with it’s cool extensions and tabbed interface. This software is getting Microsoft scared enough to reconvene the Internet Explorer team.
  • Bloglines and bloglines notifier – Get all the news you care about in one interface. If you have notifier it tells you when sites that have rss feeds are updated. Now you can be the first person to know what is on gadgetlounge!
  • Gmail and gmail notifier – What’s all the fuss with ANOTHER free email service? First it was the desireabilty of having an email account that was invite only, but now you don’t have to pay $8US on ebay to get an account. It’s appeal now is not only 1GB of storage space but an interface that is so simple it’s a wonder no-one thought of it before. Plus firefox has a plugin that opens a gmail compose window if you click on an email address. Not many webmail systems offer that.
  • Movable Type – This blog uses it, and it takes a lot of the hard work out of creating web pages. Once you set up the site, all you have to do is think of the content. As you can see, I’m suffering on that front
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3 thoughts on “Software I use in day to day internet life

  1. Jeremy says:

    Nothing to do with this blog entry, but hey … I saw the new iMac today, ‘in the flesh’. Some apple guy had brought it into Infinite Systems in Brisbane for 1 hour. After that it was on its way to Sydney. It looks amazing, very sleek. But it also looks … and I’m being serious here … like there’s something missing – it’s so simple!

  2. amyo says:

    So… u gonna get one? I’m dangerously close to fulfilling your prophecy of getting a 12″ powerbook by the end of the month.

    You know, once you get a mac you usually end up with a blog. Fact.

  3. janey says:

    Soft-wear I use in day to day life:

    + fluffy slippers – really daggy, but you gotta have at least one pair in your wardrobe…

    + Audrey Hepburn scarf – for when I’m out driving in my Alfa!

    + Nice soft throw-rug; I decided last winter that it was much more cosy to curl up on the sofa with a rug than have the heater on…


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