Crashed ipod Anyone who knows about my 31 day project will be incredibly excited to know that I am down to single figures. Yes I’ve hit 9 days and hope to have only 3 left by Monday. But I had a serious setback when I lost some vital listening time because my ipod decided to shit itself.

I feel kind of special that my computing skills are so great that I can even crash an ipod. I’m starting to wonder if it is taking offense to some of the music I play since this is the second time it has occurred. The first time it was Eminem and this time it was The Best of Ibitha. It’s never crashed on my indie/alternative music and I play loads more of that.

It took 30 mins for it to recover to a point where I could start playing songs again. It even showed my the apple icon you get when the battery is flat but the battery was full. The problem is that an ipod doesn’t have a proper on/off switch, you use the play or menu buttons to turn it off and on. So I couldn’t do a usual reboot. I just left it to sort itself out which it eventually did.

After some research I found a site that offers some help:

Here’s how to recover a crashed iPod: Hold down on the Menu and Play buttons
(top and bottom) for about 30 seconds. If this doesn’t recover it, the
battery is probably drained. Plug it into a power source and try holding
Menu and Play again. If this still doesn’t work, the battery of the iPod
might be so drained that it lacks the ability to recover. Give it a “jump
start” by holding down the two side buttons (Forward and Back) for 30
seconds. Then try the Menu and Play keys again.

I’m yet to try this as I found this info after the fact. I hope I don’t have to use it, but I will be playing more dance music in the next 9 days. I hope the ipod will be a bit less close minded and give rap and dance a chance. 😀



8 thoughts on “My ipod crashed

  1. allan says:

    thanks for the info. my ipod crashed whilst connected to my imac. holding down menu and play worked!!!

  2. Amyo says:

    I’m glad it worked for you! I’ve had it crash since and was able to use the technique and it worked. My problem was that I was naughty and removed the ipod without ejecting it first. I had all the menus but no music was appearing in the playlists, artists or albums. A quick press of the menu and play buttons made it reset and it sorted itself out. Lucky cause I don’t think I could have lasted a whole train journey without it.

  3. ella says:

    my bloody ipod just crashed. i tried resetting it, and even tho it had almot full battery, i tried jump starting it. it was connected to ma pc, n now the ‘do not disconnect’ thingy wont go away!!! argh. help!!!!

  4. ella says:

    DOESN’T MATTER!! lol. i went on the ipod website, sorted it out 4 me.

  5. Amyo says:

    Glad to know it worked out for you!. Sorry, I would have helped but in Australia I was sound asleep. 🙂

  6. Marsvin says:

    Uff mine crashed and the “hard reset” doesn’t work either.. I guess it’s lucky the battery doesn’t last that long I’ll just have to wait it out 😐

  7. Rob says:

    I’m using my friends little 4g Ipod and it froze as I went to the music quiz thing, and I tried holding those 2 buttons down it did nothing 🙁 half batter btw


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