I don’t care much for Lisa McCune. I care so little that I don’t even know if I spelt her name right. I only know her from such wonderful visual art as the Coles ads. I’ve never seen Blue Heelers so I don’t know why she won her 50 million logies but I have now seen her in action on the new channel 7 show Forensic Investigators. I really really really like this show even though she is completely wooden in it. Why put an actor in a news journalist type job?

Even so, I’m I happy that we finally have a show like this again. For years Australians have been suffering without a true crime show since they yanked Australia’s Most Wanted off the air because it was too expensive. Never mind that it helped the community be aware of the dangers out there and even helped solve crimes.

Forensic Investigators focuses more on the story after the crime has been solved. They have such compelling viewing as the actual interviews with the perpetrator and detectives who worked on the case. Even witnesses are interviewed. This is a very well produced show and I’m hoping that channel seven continue it, but I know that because I like it it will probably cancelled next week. If you like shows such as the New Detectives, Unsolved Mysteries and Australia’s Most Wanted you will really like this show.

By the way, the Channel 7 website really sucks. The olympics was over a few weeks ago so why have they still got ads about it?



4 thoughts on “Forensic Investigators

  1. Kelly says:


    This is the sorta stuff that I’ll be doing on a daily basis when I finally become a forensic scientist or crime scene investigator. Yeah, who’s jealous! 😀

    I must agree though, after FINALLY watching the whole first episode at my sisters house, and watching the second, I must say that it is really interesting!! The time that they have put it on tv too is perfect, because that’s just when i’m arriving home from TAFE. YAY

  2. janey says:

    Well, I was going to watch “McLeaod’s Daughters” on Channel 9 tonight, but instead tuned into Briz 31 and caught this really surreal Indian video clips show. What it had to do with Brisbane I dont really know, but it was so odd as to be cool.

    My Indian is a bit rusty, so I didn’t understand much of the lyrics, but from the video it seemed they were all about the men singing praise of the women and the women looking at them shyly and suggestively over their veils.

    I’ve heard Bollywood is going to make it’s mar on western socity in the next couple of years…

  3. amyo says:

    Bris 31 isn’t broadcast in digital, so I don’t get to see it. But if you want some mainstream Bollywood just go to Neighbours. The current storyline consists of Delta Goodrem returning to Erinsborough as a famous indian movie star.

    So you are predicting a mainstream infiltration of Indian movies ala Japanese anime? Do you think Heather Graham in The Guru was a bit before the times?

  4. Amyo says:

    Guess who forgot to tape forensic investigators after writing this post. Doh!


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