Oh look! Another List!

1. Del.icio.us

Dr Michael Strasser introduced this site to me and it has been indespensible ever since. It completely overcomes the issue of sharing bookmarks across different browsers and pcs. It also serves as a way of finding other websites of interest just by clicking on the tags of other users. For example, I can learn what other people are looking at in regards to music just by going here. I can also subscribe to the rss newsfeed by clicking on the rss icon at the bottom and adding the address to bloglines. Which brings me too favourite website number two.

2. Bloglines

Do away with dodgy colours on websites and trying to remember how to navigate to your favourite site. Sign up with bloglines, subscribe to some blogs and news sites and amaze your friends with how knowledgeable you are about current events. Bloglines tells you when the site has been updated and does it all in a unified look so that all you get is the good stuff – the news. Bloglines even recommends sites you might like based on your current subscriptions. The best way to keep up with amyo.is-a-geek.net.

3. Gmail

I didn’t see what the big deal was with this when it started out. Thought it was just another hotmail. But in fact it is a simple, fast email client with searches and 1GB of storage. Little things like the reply, labels and stars make it so easy to use. Plus it has that geek cool thing of invite only.

4. Flickr

Eye candy made easy. A place to store photos, with an easy method of searching and uploading. This site depends on you tagging your photos correctly, but the bonus is that if you do, lots of other people might see your photos. Want to see the egyptian pyramids, Brisbane or frogs? Flickr should be your first stop. It even provides rss feeds so you can subscribe to my photos in bloglines and be updated whenever I’ve uploaded something. For fun choose some random topic and do a slideshow.

5. Boing Boing

Discovered via bloglines. Wide and varied news posts by a cool chick who writes for wired, a sci-fi writer and other contributors. Where else can you find CSI forensic head toys, how to make clay oranges, the math of christmas cards and a 1960s sex HOWTO manual from Japan. I’m not a fan of their website design but that is why I have bloglines.

6. Gadling

A recent addition that has now become the first link I click on when I get up in the morning. Basically a travel news site that offers gadgets to use, books to read, places to go and ways to get there. Very useful in light of my recent decision.  

7. Wil Wheaton dot net

Yeah, the same guy who was in Stand By Me and Star Trek authors one of the best blogs on the internet. He writes about his auditions, his family and the promotion of his book and has done for many years. Gives you an inside look in to the world of an actor trying to earn a living. He is an engaging writer and I want his “Just a Geek” book for christmas. 🙂

8. Engadget

Geeks across the world would still own 386 pcs or XTs without this site. The place to see what gadgets are cool, what gadgets are coming and reviews of whether they are useless or not. For non gadget types, this is the stuff you will be using in four years. Recently named best tech blog in the 2004 Weblog Awards.

9. Overclockers Australia

I’ve neglected them a bit as my currency is now rss feeds, but they are still my home page. Excellent for discovering what the best hardware is for how much you want to spend if you hang out in the what to buy forum. Interesting forum threads but their news section fails a little these days cause it was better when agg wrote it.

10. Justified Musings

I have to put this in because she is my sister. She whines a bit, she’s always hurting something and is still finding her muse but always comes up with something interesting. I mean I wouldn’t think to look up the guiness book of records for longest labour! She is also cool because she puts up the poor server support she gets from her webhost (me).

Have I missed anything?



5 thoughts on “Favourite websites of 2004

  1. Kel says:

    Yeah, how cool I am. Joke 🙂 Thanks for putting me in, I secretly think you just couldn’t think of another site.

    I was trying to think of bloglines before, couldn’t remember what it was called, now I know!!

    Top list!!

    Didn’t thinkgeek make it?

  2. mib says:

    Not wrong about the poor support! Currently if you try her site you get:

    The requested page could not be found.

    Smarty error: the $compile_dir ‘/var/www/html/kelly/templates_c’ does not exist, or is not a directory.

    I think it is pretty tough when chocolates are blamed for problems. 😎

  3. Amyo says:

    Hmm, methinks Kelly is trying something tricky and stuffed up. 🙂

  4. Kel says:

    I think you’re both tripping – I just went to my site and it’s fine, and I tried it via Amy’s link and it works too.


  5. Amyo says:

    Since del.icio.us is my favourite site, I thought I’d provide you with a manual someone has already written. Just in case it’s not intuitive for you man.


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