Mater Mothers Hospital is a 40 year old building that still has the 80s telecom (telstra) logo on cupboard doors and the signature institutional look of 60s government buildings. The structure is soon to be demolished to make way for one of those new mega-modern hospitals that appear to be rising phoenix like around Brisbane. It seems like there is a lot of money in being sick and the landscape is being changed for the better because of it.

The proud motherThis building was the scene of a minor miracle two days ago when Katie huffed and puffed and brought little Elouisa in to the world. At around 7pm on Tuesday 13th December the doctors broke Katie’s waters which kicked of the long and arduous labour. 18 or so hours later at 1pm on the 14th, Elouisa’s long legs finally escaped the womb and she became a human being. Her introduction to the world consisted of saying hello to her Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, having a bath then getting jabbed with two needles. She let her substantial lungs roar when that happened – obviously not pleased.

Pauline, Mum, Dad and I came to visit a few hours later at 6pm when we got to meet the new addition. Gavin (the dad) strictly enforced the rules of removing all jewelry and washing your hands for 90 seconds before entering the room. Only two people are allowed at the cot at any one time and I got to go in first. Ella was just stirring so Katie picked her up and promptly got told off by Nurse Hatchett for waking her up. We pleaded our innocence so she told Katie to sit down if she was going to hold her. Katie couldn’t in her current condition so she handed her over to me and I got my first cuddle.

She has long fingers, long toes, long body and long legs, so I suspect she is going to have a physique like her dad. She did a lot of mouth movements and wanted to suck her thumb a fair bit which is just like her mother. Her eyes were closed most of the time, but when I visited the next day I was startled by the largeness of them. She is awfully cute. I know most people say that but in this case it’s true.

Katie was surprisingly sprite and walking around although she was obviously still in a bit of pain. Both of the parents look happy but now have to face the reality of providing for a little one. It appears though that they are looking forward to the challenge. I wish them luck and am very happy for them. Hope I make a good auntie, but I do have some excellent role models to learn from.



4 thoughts on “The first meeting of my niece

  1. The COOL Aunty says:

    Well, I think as the Educational Aunty you’ll do very well. It won’t be long after Elouisa is able to recognise music that you’ll be trying to thrust items like The Killers CD at her.

    As for me, I get to be the Aunty where all Elouisa’s memories of me until she turns 15 is of my being drunk at family bbq’s and dancing to Rave On. Oh hang on, that was Madonna wasn’t it!

  2. Lucy-loo says:

    Course it was my mother, oh and by the way she still does that:P

  3. Gail Uroda says:

    What a great read, compliments to the author:) It made me all misty.
    Congratulations to Mum and Dad and a warm welcome to Ella – may you have a long and beautiful life

  4. Kel says:

    From what I saw on the weekend, she’s already beautiful!! Such amazing blue eyes, and mum was right, her fingers are so long! They’re competing with my skeletal hands!


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