At the end of last year my youngest sister Kelly made me make a list of things to complete in 2007. In this post I will formally evaluate my performance in completing the list and make justifications for everything I didn’t finish.

1. Complete the renovations of at least one bathroom in our house

Ok, it won’t be complete, but work is under way as proven in this post. I did work hard on this throughout the year so it wasn’t like I was twiddling my thumbs.

2. Buy a pair of mongolian bbq Puma shoes

This required me to visit Sydney and surprisingly this year I didn’t go there. I went within sniffing distance – Katoomba was pretty close, however a CBD visit never ended up eventuating. Maybe next year.

3. Go to the gym at least once every two weeks – this will be tough!

It was tough. I think I lasted until March or April which was impressive for me. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m never going to achieve the thinness of my youth, however I did lose 11 kilos and haven’t put any weight on for the past 6 months. Which probably has something to do with….

4. Cook a meal once a week

On my scale this is something I overachieved at. I got in to cooking in a big way and now frozen meals is something you don’t see in my freezer. In fact after the fridge/freezer blew a motherboard halfway through the year the freezer has been virtually empty. I now buy food magazine and get fresh veges and meat on the way home to cook for that night. There may have been a week or two where I didn’t cook anything, but that was mainly because I wasn’t at home to do it.

5. Go snorkling

Forgot this was something I wanted to do. Didn’t even attempt to try it.

6. Buy a new mattress

Success! In fact it may have been so successful that I now wake up earlier because I’m sleeping better. The mattress is rather tall and heavy though which makes it tough to change the sheets.

7. Pay all my energex bills on time

Sucked badly at this, however I could argue that since it’s not energex anymore I didn’t do too badly. I suppose I should give in and just do direct debit but I prefer to pay by credit card. It’s mainly because I forget, not because I can’t afford it.

8. Visit an Australian city I’ve never been to

Another overachievement. Visited Adelaide earlier in the year and then the road trip to Canberra later ticks off the box twice. Next to go is Perth and Darwin then I’ve been to every capital city in Australia.

9. Have a weekend away by myself solo

No success here and it looks like I’m running out of weekends. Have to put this on my list for next year.

10. Like Kelly, I’m going to buy a guitar but it will be electric and must plug in to the mac

Didn’t buy a guitar, but did buy Guitar Hero II and III which helped me release all those rock moves inside of me. I view this as achieved.

11. Go camping with Kelly and Mat

Failed, failed, failed. Maybe next year?

12. Start using my index card lists again

Since it’s so vague, I guess I achieved it as I recently pulled them out again. It has been halfhearted though because I’m waiting on a GTD tool to be released for the mac – they currently only have beta testers using it.

13. And most importantly…. buy a dishwasher!

No dishwasher, but I did attempt to get the kitchen remodelled but decided to hold off now until the bathrooms are done. This task is hard because it relies on a wall being demolished and new cupboards built in, so it’s not as simple as it sounds. Another one for next year.

So, how did I go?

Well I “completed” seven out of thirteen so six failures isn’t great. Most will go on to next years list but now I have to think up some new things to do!



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