Went to see Tegan and Sara perform their last concert of a 6 month tour at the Tivoli last night. The twins have a special relationship with Brisbane, I think because they have relatives here, but also because the last concert they did in Brisbane they claim was one of their favourites on the last tour. I was lucky enough to be at that concert too – they were meant to be supporting Little Birdy but they pulled out so Tegan and Sara decided to play anyway. Which was great for me because I’d only wanted to see them anyway. It meant that there weren’t that many people, the tickets ended up being only $10 and I could stand up the front for once. Last nights show was a just as good an experience but in an entirely different way.

This time the Tivoli was completely sold out, Tegan and Sara were the headliners and we got over 2 full hours of 3 album goodness. They mainly played from “The Con” album but in the middle played some “So Jealous”  and even rocked out some “If it was you” tunes. Kaki King was the support act for the night and since she also played on their latest album it was great that they got her out to play her parts from the album. She also played on “Monday Monday Monday” which Sara claimed was Kaki’s favourite song that Sara has written.

The sisters usual on stage banter was in full effect and since Dad was watching too a lot of discussion revolved around him. Tegan made the comment that it is usually their mum they talk about which I recall from the last concert (mum was at that one). They’d gone to the ice bar in Sydney the night before which Sara ended up saying was the most fantastic bad experience she’d ever had. If the girls ever fail at their music they could always fall back to stand up comedy. It’s fun to watch siblings argue sarcastically.  Rhiannon has kindly put up the story on youtube (weird since she was the one who introduced me to TandS through her web site):

The personal stories that you knew had only been told to your group (since they were so recent) makes it more of a unique experience. It’s a stark contrast to the Timberlake concert where I felt he had said virtually the same thing over and over again at every concert he performed – to the point where it was rehearsed down to the “insert city name here” method.

Tegan and Sara fans are dedicated to the girls and sing along at every opportunity. It was an all ages gig so there were a few young ones around but it was a really great feeling in the audience. Normally I get bored at concerts but I loved every moment – even their cover of Rhianna’s Umbrella was excellent. Great venue, great performance, great music.

If you want even more of a taste of what I experienced, here are some youtube videos that give you an example of what a Tegan and Sara concert is like:

Sara apolgising for saying her mum looked like a prostitute in the 80s:

Tegan and Sara cover Umbrella:



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