Well the year is almost over and although Pauline and I have spent most of it meeting with a particular bathroom builder, getting plans drawn up and getting quotes we’d signed no contract and had a vague date of March 2008.. maybe. We were ok to wait that long even if we weren’t that happy with the amount it was going to cost so it was going to be just a matter of sitting it out. That was until Chris (from work) kindly hooked us up with his builder Shamus, who had some time to kill between jobs and was raring to go. It was funny cause all this started on the same day that we took the volvo turbo for a test drive. It’s now maybe a month later and Shamus has gotten our plans through council and is actually on site building us a downstairs rumpus room and bathroom! After 5 years in the planning we are actually seeing hardware put in and I’m excited! All the brickwork and windows had been done in the 90s, so it shouldn’t be too trivial to enclose it all in. This is what he achieved in just two days:

Day 1 – When Shamus set eyes on it

downbath1.jpgDay 1 – After the plumber had set out the drainage

downbath2.jpgDay 2 – The slab has been poured

this angle, the shower is on the left, toilet is under the small window
and the basin is where the small pipe is with the green sticker is.
I’ve been told by Shamus that by the end of next week it should all be
in lockup stage, so I’ll update with more photos as progress goes on.
Won’t have a working bathroom until late January though and then
they’ll move upstairs to tackle the old bathroom.



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