I always look forward to this time of year because I get to look back on all the music I’ve listened to over the past year and review them. It also means that I notice the albums that I missed because I was too busy in lust with other albums to pay attention to what was in front of me. This year the list is long, 15 albums instead of last years “grasping to get 5”.  Not all of them were released in this year, but my rules are that I discovered it this year and this is my blog entry so I get to decide. So without further ado, complete with links and youtube videos, I present to you my “Albums of 2007” list.

1. Tegan and Sara – The Con

this record Tegan and Sara have finally achieved the ability to make
every song on a record excellent. Previously they had shown that they
could write classic songs but hadn’t perfected the classic album. The
Con is an album that has achieved classic status in my collection and
would easily make it in to my top 10 albums to take to a desert island
list.  Yes it’s girly angst and yes it’s poetic lyrics but no it
doesn’t seem as fucked up as Alanis Morisette and actually leaves you
almost happy at the end instead of angry or ready to slash your
wrists.  Far out in front as my number one record of the year.

Most Played Song in itunes –  Soil, Soil
Tegan and Sara Website

2. Feist – The Reminder

in the year there were mumblings underground about how good this album
was but it too took some growth time. I feel it all was the first song
that jumped out at me and I went through a period of needing to listen
to it every morning. The other songs joined in on the requirement and
soon I was a huge Feist fan too, wanting to inflict her on others. Then
apple decided to do that for me by featuring 1-2-3-4 on an ipod add so
now everyone enjoys her as much as I do. People have given her shit for
the music video for the song, but I absolutely love it. If Tegan and
Sara weren’t around this would have been my number one pick.

Most Played Song in itunes –  1-2-3-4
Feist Website

3. Pink Martini – Hey Eugene

album where you should be drinking cocktails in a summer dress and
dancing the salsa. Multi-lingual, chilled with wonderful singing and
intelligence but still with a sense of humour. I can’t be sure, but she
sings in what sounds like italian, russian, spanish and english. You’d
think it wouldn’t segue but the horns guide the songs along the
journey. I don’t know why but I love washing up to this album. 

Most Played Song in itunes –  Hey Eugene
Pink Martini Website

4. Mates of State – Bring it Back

strictly a release of this year but it only grabbed my attention in
2007. The cover is reminiscent of Human League but their music is
nothing like it. Their singing is a little high and off key and the
music isn’t easy listening but the songwriting and lyrics overshadows
those disadvantages. The change of pace in For the Actor while the
following lyrics are sung is my favourite part of the album:

You put your life on hold as we interest one another
Two steps closer to the level I imagined
I remember when it poured and you sang to me in summer
It’s a fantasy

I love synths and drums and this album provides all that!

Most Played Song in itunes – Think Long
Mates of State Website

5. Alice Smith – For Lovers Dreamers & Me

takes only one listen for you to add it to your must play songlist. A
pop song with violins and strange bass cord changes make it stand out
from the other pop songs. It’s almost beatlesque but with an RNB singer
fronting it which gives Alice Smith the potential to be the next Aretha
Franklin. The whole album is pretty sexy and is good to drive to as
well. The songs Alice wrote are the stand out tracks which means that
she is only going to get better. If you haven’t heard of her yet, you

Most Played Song in itunes – Gary Song
Alice Smith Website

6. Ben Kweller – Ben Kweller

the only real indie album in my list – I must have been off indie this
year. His songs are pretty poppy though which is probably why it made
it. He sounds a little 70s – like Lou Reed in Don’t Know Why and they
are pretty simplistic but the topics are ones that most people identify
with. Escape, running away, stagnancy and confusion is something
everyone goes through. Definitely easy listening and definitely a road

Most Played Song in itunes – Penny on the Train Track
Ben Kweller Website

7. LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver

was probably one of the few people who didn’t care for “Daft Punk is
Playing at my house” on their first album so it’s a surprise for me to
see this here. The attraction came from the video I’ve linked to below,
I guess the repetitive piano lulls you in to some sort of a hypnotic
trance so you can’t stop watching it. My favourite song is probably
“New York I love you but you’re bringing me down” due to it’s
interesting lyrics addressing the city’s new clean living.  It’s a nice
electronic rock album that makes you want to drive fast.

Most Played Song in itunes – Get Innocuous!
LCD Soundsystem Website

8. Girl Talk – Night Ripper

guy has been described as having ADD and that isn’t a surprised
considering how much goes on in every song. This was my perfect
exercise album at the beginning of the year and even now hearing it
makes me want to ride a bike or lift weights. When he can make the
words “wait till you see my dick” fit over “bittersweet lullaby” you
know that the man is a mashup master. It’s fast, it’s full of songs you
know but switched around so you don’t and it’s a frantic mess in a
structured way. Even listening to it now is make me type faster and
make no sense!

Most Played Song in itunes – Hold Up
Girl Talk Website

9. Sneaky Sound System – Sneaky Sound System

a pop dance album and the first aussie band to make the list. You
wouldn’t have been able to avoid this album if you lived in Australia
this year and for good cause – it’s great. There are raps that sound
early 80s, good singing and a soundtrack for summer. They stole stuff
from every decade since the 60s and it works!

Most Played Song in itunes – Pictures
Sneaky Sound System Website

10. Silverchair – Young Modern

first time I heard a song of this album was the video for Straight
Lines. It was great to see Daniel Johns looking so healthy after he’d
looked so sick and thin since Neon Ballroom. It was only fitting that
the song “Straight Lines” would also address how he felt since he had
gotten better and it’s an incredibly uplifting song. The album is
probably the most pop like album they’ve ever made – it has bits of
Bowie and Beatles in it which I guess is some of Paul Mac’s influence
on the band. If you don’t like Silverchair because they are too “heavy
rock” this album will probably change your mind.

Most Played Song in itunes – Straight Lines
Silverchair Website

11. The Russian Futurists – Our Thickness

it’s two years since it was released but I only discovered it this
year. Dots on a Map is a movie epic that has enthralled me since first
listen. The album isn’t very clean but the potential is there – I think
it’s only his voice that stops it from being a great album.  The first
song called Paul Simon is also a favourite. It’s kind of hard to place
the album, it’s not techno, it’s not rock, it’s not easy listening –
it’s a beat driven piano mix.

Most Played Song in itunes – Two Dots on a Map
The Russian Futurists Website

12. Gotye – Like Drawing Blood

don’t know about you but I class Gotye as a composer. He has the
ability to transform his songs so that they sound good laid bare or
with a 20 piece orchestra behind him. He channels his horrible
experience with a call centre in to a brilliant almost
timberland/timberlake rhythm. For the depressives “Hearts a Mess” ticks
off all the I’m sad boxes in a magnificent way. You’ll find that one staying around in your head for days.

Most Played Song in Itunes – Hearts a Mess
Gotye Website

13. Junior Senior – Hey hey my my yo yo

around for two years too, but in this case it was only released in
Australia this year. That’s some time between albums but it continues
the great party albums that Junior Senior are adept at dishing out.
Repeat lines in the chorus and stick some humourous verses in and
that’s junior senior. Simple but perfect

Most Played Song in Itunes – Itch U Can’t Scratch
Junior Senior Website

14. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

album is likely to be on everyone’s list this year. Who can deny the
sweet sounds of the 60s mixed with the issues and attitudes of the
“noughties”. Yeah she has issues and yeah she doesn’t turn up to
concerts but isn’t being fucked up part of being a rock star? Amazing
voice, amazing look, amazing artist. She told us she was trouble.

Most Played Song in Itunes – Rehab
Amy Winehouse Website

15. Mika – Colour in Motion

the gap that was left when Freddie Mercury died, Mika is a close as you
can get to being the Scissor Sisters before the lawyers start coming
with copycat issues. Another happy party album that everyone loves and
can dance to. Grace Kelly offered some good fun on our Melbourne trip
and I’ll always associate riding around Melbourne Wineries in a bus to

Most Played Song in Itunes – Grace Kelly
Mika Website



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  1. Trump says:

    I bought the Ben Kweller album having read your review (and seeing the old doll dancing round in her best stretchies).
    You should hook up a commission deal with play.com 😉

  2. amyo says:

    Yeah, that video is classic. I think it’s either his grandmother or aunt or something – not an actress! I love knowing that somehow I’ve shared the love of an artist with someone else. If only I could convince more people to love Tegan and Sara’s album.


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