Ok, so the news is a little late since we’ve had the Volvo C30 for about two weeks but I’ve been too busy with work and commitments to get round to posting about it. It’s good to have something more than a tattoo. We picked a car that was already in stock so we didn’t get some of the extras I would have liked like the truly keyless entry (keep the keys in your pocket) and the dynaudio stereo – or even choose the colour but it was worth it to have it delivered two working days after signing the contract. The salesman delivered it to the house with champagne and flowers but I didn’t get to see the car until late at night because Pauline was on late shift and had driven it to work. She came back raving about it and positively dancing.

When it was my turn to take it for a drive I took it to Ikea, because a swedish car should visit a swedish store and it’s turned in to a little ritual since ikea was also the first ride I took solo on my scooter. Apparently I ran over a mouse in Danielle’s driveway which was a christening of sorts but I was oblivious to that and only heard about it later from Faye. The car drives like a lazy sportscar allowing me to go round corners at 60kms without breaking but also sedately meander through the traffic. I’ve been a bit of a hoon when showing it off but you have to to understand it’s power – turbo baby! We’ve taken it up Mt Glorious which was a fantastic way to get a feel for the car. The seats are so comfortable I wish I had some at my desk at home. The only downside is the two door deal is a little annoying when you have more than two people in the car – no one looks dainty crawling in and out of the back. I love the brightness of the lights but the hardest thing is when you walk away from the car you can’t stop turning back to perve on it since it’s backside is just so sexy. It also helps when you are reverse parking because you can actually see the front of the car behind you.  The only other downside is that now Pauline and I fight over who gets to drive. 

Amyogeek – working hard to help Volvo change it’s image from “Volvo Drivers” to “manic speeding demon”.



2 thoughts on “Volvo C30 – The deal is done

  1. mib says:

    Nice! Volvo Drivers have long since moved on. It is just the name that has stuck. They now drive urban assault vehicles. At least they are now a lot easier to pick! 😉

  2. Kel says:

    We just got our new car yesterday so ours is newer *grin*

    Keep me posted on when you guys are keen to do the drive to Maleny. I’ll have to blog the Suzi sometime in the next few days while it’s still amazingly clean. We didn’t get flowers or wine, but a huge massive book of vouchers for all over south east queensland so make sure you ask me about it next time I see you. They run out next June and no doubt there’ll be some restaurants in there you’d been keen on going to.

    And maybe running over animals is the new thing – I almost ran over a crow this morning but slammed the brakes and it flew away with milliseconds to spare. Stupid bird.


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