Nickolodean have started playing Degrassi Junior High again at 8.00pm weeknights. I grew up watching this show at 5.00pm on the ABC in the early 90s and if there was one tv show I could totally identify with at that age it was this show. It tackled the usual teen subjects of sex, drugs and alcohol without actually lecturing you. The characters actually grew and developed and were more than two dimensional. Who can forget Claude committing suicide in the toilets, the Zit Remedy, or Lucy’s parties. As an aussie attending a catholic school and living in the middle of cane fields this was so far removed from my reality and yet completely struck a chord with me. Even 10 years later I still really enjoy the show and can watch episodes that I’ve seen 5 times over. However the one episode I’d love to see again is the final one – when they were reallly really naughty! 🙂



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