I was walking through South Bank yesterday afternoon and noticed a big screen. This of course was very interesting to me so after some investigation I’ve discovered that they have recommenced the cinema under the stars screenings. Except now they call it Rush River Cinema. So even though you can get these movies out from the video store and are problem more comfortable in your arm chair at home, it still sounds like a nice idea to sit out next to the river and watch a movie for free.

On Sunday Lisa and I went to see “The Notebook” with some free tickets she had aquired. The cinema was 99 percent full of women which is pretty normal for a romantic film. It’s a pretty sad film and right at the end it is so quiet you can hear all the sniffling and sobbing. I think the projectionist had an interesting sense of humour because as soon as the credits started rolling the lights came up and you weren’t given a chance to compose yourself. Everyone started laughing out of embarassment then which was extremely odd. If I wasn’t in public I would have been bawling like a baby but instead I shed a few tears and got a headache from trying to keep it together. It’s a good film but don’t go and see it if you are depressed or happy cause you end up emotionally wrung out.

CutiepieI took cutiepie/hotstuff/kylie in to the mall on the way home to try the ourbrisbane wireless network, but it’s all over. How am I gonna get free internet in the city now???



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