My t-shirts are thread-bare, I have two pairs of shoes and don’t own a dress. I am obviously not a fashion victim. I am much worse. I am a gadget victim.

In the past 4 years I have loved and discarded a plethora of gadgets. For every ipod I own there is some forlon rejected gameboy or palm pilot. I guess you could also say I am a gadget slut.

Thanks to the power of salary sacrifice my new love is a 12″ powerbook. I picked it up from Mac1 in James St in the Valley yesterday. It came with a 20GB ipod, body glove type case and a 128MB usb drive.

It is so bloody sexy. I find myself running my fingers across it’s cover and sneaking glances at it. I’ve been using a 15″ powerbook for about 7 months now so OSX wasn’t anything new to me. What was surprising though is that even though it’s a smaller screen I can still see the same amount of stuff in the window.

I do have some minor concerns though. It is a little bit heavier than it looks, has a wierd crunching dvd drive sound when you insert a dvd and there is one green pixel on the screen. The green pixel is normal though and apparently it may go away.

But they are just minor issues to me. It goes a heck of a lot faster than the old powerbook and is so much more portable as it is so tiny.

I originally named it cutiepie, but that is a bit girly so I’m thinking of calling it hotstuff. If anyone can come up with a name that means small and sexy than I may consider changing it to that.

Why did I pick a powerbook instead of a pc? Cause you need one if you have a blog silly. It’s like wearing stubbies without thongs. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Gadget victim

  1. Peter B says:

    from a purely older male point of view, Small and Sexy, I’d call it Kylie !!!! 🙂

  2. Amyo says:

    Actually – it is very tempting. That way if I ever lost it overseas they would know it’s an aussie powerbook! Does any other country call their kids Kylie? Maybe the UK started in 1988. There is probably a tonne of Kylies starting high school this year in Liverpool or something. 🙂

  3. dbee says:

    You are such a geek Amy..hence the website tag 😉 I guess people are turned on by their cars and give them sexy little knicknames..so you are probably allowed that for your notebook. What am I saying!!

  4. Amyo says:

    You have to name them for network purposes, not cause I think it’s a person or anything. It’s pretty funny when you turn on bluetooth on your mobile and it says “cutiepie wants to connect”. 🙂

  5. Peter B says:

    but then…

    kylie wants to connect…….. haaaaaaa drool….

  6. u_kno_who says:

    Yes i m a computer guy to but amy u r seriously disturbed sexypie or hotstuff wat the hell is goin on here u gotta go outside and smell the air and ur jst a techno victim gotta have the latest stuff rite here rite now thts sad amy very sad uv made me cry :'( :'(


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