Everybodys done it. It’s not like it’s dirty or anything. But you don’t normally tell everyone about it. If it comes up in converstation, fine. But don’t go and brag about it cause that’s not on. It’s called Ego-surfing and it’s all about looking your name up in google.

Some articles I’ve read talk about doing it for your own private security to guard against identity theft but I think that is bullshit. It goes deeper in to your psyche than that. I think it’s human nature to wonder if you have a doppelganger somewhere in the world and this is one way to test the theory. Or find out if you are a googledork.

In my ego-surfing google life, I am a:

When you choose a name, does it define what you will end up being? If your name is Mary or Diane will you be a care giver? If you are Iggy or John will you be a rock star? What about if your name was Kelly – would you be condemened to a life a bad ankles? Does it so happen that if you choose Gavin for you son he will grow up to be a dropkick? (couldn’t resist).

My cousin’s name is Leif. I have always thought it was a cool name but when she was growing up she wanted to be called Lisa as it was a name that fit in more with the kids at school. That is a completely understandable reaction as kids can be cruel, but now she has reclaimed her original name as she obviously more comfortable with herself and it. (Hope you don’t mind me saying this Leif)

I can’t say I’ve ever been uncomfortable with my name (it’s got a wanky meaning like beloved friend) but is anyone here pissed off with their parents for their chosen moniker?



9 thoughts on “What’s in a name

  1. Shane says:

    I hate the fact that my dad called me and my sister such similar names – Shane & Shawn. It pisses me off when people get us mixed up, and unfortunately it happens much too often! It pisses me off even more when we are standing together and have to introduce ourselves to someone new. “Hi I’m Shane and this is Shawn”. Bloody hell…..! :/

  2. madram says:

    Trouble is, I have a famous namesake who has written lots of childrens’ story books. Any ego-surfing I do comes up with all his Google entries waaaay ahead of mine 🙁

  3. Leviiathan says:

    I’ve looked up my name on Google before but I never wrote down the results of my search. I just searched again and for no apparent reason want to share the results with you. I am a triathlon runner, the principal of a religious school and the name of a murder victim in the television show CSI. Strangely enough.. the character from CSI not only shares my name – but my date of birth. Creepy shit I say.

  4. Kel says:

    Wow – you totally got the meaning of my name right! 🙂

    Before I say my ego-surfing results, when I went to vote last weekend, I was in a different electorate so I ended up doing an absent vote. But they checked to see if I was in that Electorate, and there’s another Kelly Louise O’Brien living on the Sunshine Coast! spooky!

    Real Estate Agent
    Student with online research portfolio
    4th Ward Alderman
    Doctor with a PHD in Mental Health (funny that)

  5. Amyo says:

    That is way cooler than my results! Just as long as it was a character in vanilla CSI and not Miami. I HATE that Horatio character. 🙂

  6. dbee says:

    Well my namesake lives a suburb away from me!! and has for the last 10 years. I keep coming across her name at my gym, electoral roll and sometimes get her mail. She’s about the same age as me apparantly and
    also works at a pub locally! In fact, one time her boss mistakenly rang me and asked me to come into work there!! I’ve also gone to the doctors and they’ve added my information to her medical file by mistake!! Argghhh..should we ever meet..Brisvegas might implode and fall into the river!! hehe (scary huh!)

  7. Kel says:

    I think I might know this Kelly O’Brien actually. Once when my “Aunty” (one of my mum’s best friends) came to pick me up from netball in Buderim, she mistakenly went to the basketball courts, (where this other Kelly o’Brien plays) and they said “no! she’s playing in Caloundra tonight!” and so they went to Caloundra, couldn’t see me, so came to check the netball courts again, and found me where I was waiting the whole time.

    I just remembered that!

  8. u_kno_who says:

    i did tht google search thing and this is wat i am according to google:
    =a sports store
    =a crafts dude
    =a mentalist, mind reader and corparelist entertainer
    = and a retired soccer pro (thts rite amy SOCCER pro :p)


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