Bert Newton

How is that Bert can make me laugh even without saying a word?

I thought I’d test out how good is by using Bert Newton as the test subject. Impressively it returned very useful information for an Australian performer. I might use this website more often now for whois searches!



6 thoughts on “Old moonface

  1. Giuliano says:

    People like Burt Newton really cheese TV right up! No one in real life looks or talks like that – because they’d get a smack in the head if they did.

    Muhammad Ali once threatened to belt Burt up. It’s true!

  2. Amyo says:

    He used to really shit me and if I had to watch him every day I wouldn’t care much for him. He does have good comic timing even he does participate in shit infomercial tv shows. I think of him as an aussie William Shatner.

  3. dbee says:

    Bert would be nothing without Moira and Belvedere 😉
    I’m a fan too but I have to say though, that his show has become even more cheesier with the inclusion of his wife’s awful bug-eyed singing and his daughter’s bland roving reports..Yikes!

  4. Professor Rosseforp says:

    Bert Newton is tedious and unfunny, as was Graham Kennedy, his sidekick. However, good luck to them, they’ve made a living in a very tough business with some very corny gags. Mike Walsh, too, if anyone remembers him, although he was a good businessman who provided a lot of entertainers with a lot of walk. Ditto Darryl Somers.

  5. {SMB}-MacMan says:

    Bert’s a bloody pisser mate, see the DVD, Muhammid only wanted to kick his ass because he used his catch phrase “I Like The Boy” which is offensive to blacks, although bert didnt know.


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