One of my favourite movies ever is called Office Space. I don’t think I would have appreciated it as much when I was younger, but now that corporate design has made me mediocre, I think it is pure brilliance. Like Homer Simpson says “It’s funny cause it’s true!”. The scene with the fax machine is geek gold.

I also played with a lot of lego when I was younger, not really following the designs but making my own wierd ass shit cause I’d lost the instructions. Now I can combine my favourite movie and childhood game with “The Cubes“. On their website they even reference Office Space (see Jan’s Level 2 Procedure Violation). Ted’s infractions are typical of an accountant as well. My favourite cube looks to be Jim and you can see why when you find the expansion pack on their website. Can’t wait to see the movies someone makes out of these characters!

The Cubes



1 thought on “Cubical spaces

  1. Kel says:

    I won’t ruin the surprise for everyone in saying WHY he is your favourite, but you’re such a geek (hence the website!)

    He also looks a tad scary – much like your inner being huh?

    I love that you can change Sue’s hair.

    Is the laptop I see of the “Pear” brand?

    And last question – have you downloaded the Cubes desktop icons for your Mac yet?


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