What the hell are the defined songs of the geek geek hood?

1990 meant I was in year 10 in high school. i’d had one proper boyfriend who i’d gone so far as to hold sweaty hands with which was enough to put me off holding hands for the rest of my life. These were the two songs that I still listen to and had the most impact in that year.

George Michael – Heal the pain

A lot of people were turned of by George’s attempt to move from the white short wearing teeny bopper to current affair lecturer with a closely cropped beard but I was sucked in. I bought the album on tape (cds were not quite in every home) for the “Praying for time” song but found greater enjoyment in the songs on side 2. “Waiting for the day” is my favourite song, but “Heal the Pain” has the greatest resonance in my life. At that point I had had one of those huge breakups with a friend that girls seem to have at that time in life. Hormones go crazy and petty arguments escalate in to gross dislike. A group of us had spent a long time documenting our feelings in letters but sometimes a musician can put things a lot more eloquantly than a 15 year old girl. Hence we would often swap tapes to explain what we were feeling and this was the song I received from the girl as she had also found truth from George. She would go on to become the only non family member who has attempted to punch me but with this song she was offering an olive branch. For the last few years of school we didn’t get along, but afterwards I’ve found that I miss her and think of her fondly when I hear this song. The said thing is that she probably has no idea that I have that association.

Bangles – Eternal Flame

 C – D – E. This song was top of the charts when Danielle and I began guitar lessons as a move to get out of maths class. We were sharing the lessons so we both learnt the same songs and this was the first ever song we could ever play. We’d huddle up in the small room with Sam our teacher and come out with a bunch of sheet music and some new chords to practise. Then, instead of going back to class we’d sit under the teachers walkway near our lockers and practise. The teachers would pop their heads over and we’d freak out expecting them to send us back to class and they’d say "what are you playing?". I’ll always think of my guitar with it’s pretty flowers around the mouth and Danielle wearing a jumper when I hear this song.



10 thoughts on “1990 – Defined songs of the geek geek hood

  1. dbee says:

    wow..who was the girl that you had a falling out with? (email me..I have a fair idea)
    and it’s lovely to know that I will NEVER live down my co-existence with my school jumper..Rock on the Bangles!! 😉

  2. Philippe Maestrati says:

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  3. amyo says:

    Hi Phillippe, thanks for visiting. The coconut carvings were done at a place called Port Douglas which is 1 hour away from Cairns in Queensland, Australia. The y were sold at a market that happens every Sunday. The best website I could find about it has information at the bottom.

  4. amyo says:

    And Danielle? In answer to your question.. she had red hair. 🙂

  5. xeno says:

    Memorable for me is Joey by Concrete Blonde. I was living at The Grange when I first heard this song. Every time I heard it I imagined myself drinking and playing pool with friends on a Sunday afternoon at the Samford pub. I have no idea why.

  6. xeno says:

    yes! but before Joey. Unfortunately pubs and playing pool don’t hold the same appeal as they did when I was a smoker.

  7. Kel says:

    You were a smoker? Wow, my impressions of you have totally changed. I just can’t even begin to imagine that.

  8. xeno says:

    Funny you should say that because, back when I smoked more than a packet a day people then didn’t realise I smoked. Perhaps we didn’t smell as bad as smokers do today and I blame that on the shoddy cigarettes they sell these days.

  9. Kel says:

    All cigarettes are pretty bad. But a pack a day! Far out!!

    Mat’s mum used to be a chain smoker, and I found it absolutely disgusting. Put one out, light one up. *vomit face*


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