What the hell are the defined songs of the geek geek hood?

In 1992 I completed the final year of high school, went from a High Achievement in Speech and Drama to a Low Achievement because I didn’t perform the final assessment, tried to save for my upcoming trip to England  

KD Lang – Outside Myself

I’m cheating here because although the album was released in 1992, I was exposed to it early 1993. But early 1993 I equate to 1992 anyway. I graduated high school in 1992 and my first job out of school was going full time casual in my checkout chick role I’d been doing since 1990. Having no car or license meant that I had to ride the one bus that went to Nambour early in the morning, hanging out in the library until about 1pm and starting work then. Sometimes I’d kill time by going to the movies and it was the Nambour cinema that oddly showed the movie “Salmonberries” starring KD Lang. I didn’t know who she was at the time but quickly discovered what she was about while sitting in the cinema. The film was set in Alaska and had a really cold feel about it which was enhanced by the music. It was a cold rainy day as well when I left so I was shivering a little. It’s all a bit hazy now but I think this song may have featured in the film along with the “Barefoot” one- but I’m probably wrong. I was just blown away by her incredible voice and then was startled in to a statue when I started hearing “Constant Craving” played on the local radio station.

I spent the next few months raving to everyone about her from strangers to other checkout chicks. Musically and lyrically I took the song on as my own and sung it with passion alone in my bedroom (like a sad dork). I had no experience to relate it to but really felt it applied to me. I suppose that the album has a lot of yearning in it and at that point in time my life was in a holding pattern waiting for something to happen. I was basically just killing time earning money until I could go to England in August of 1993 so I was full of hope for my future and imagining all the changes that would come. If you are feeling sad and lonely and are looking for comfort, the album “Ingenue” and this song fits the bill.

Sophie B Hawkins – I want you

 "Damn, I wish I was your lover" had this raw sound and a video that was nothing special yet easily watchable. Sophie wore this checkered shirt with the arms cut off and looked like a country hillbilly mixed with Janis Joplin. It was just a live band with her running around singing. It was a hit in 1992 and it made me go out and buy the cd. "I want you" is actually a Bob Dylan song but in Sophie’s case she actually sings it rather than Bob’s usual drawl. Yearning must have been my theme for the year because this song has buckets of it. She also managed to make a Bob Dylan song sound sexy which is a feat in itself. For a story relating to my life I don’t have much as this was another all alone in the bedroom song. I must have spent that whole year there looking back now. 🙂 It’s a shame her career nose dived because the "Tongues and Tails" album was really good.



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    I think I’ve always paid you out about the Sophie song, I’ve never liked it.


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