Today I had intended to write about how much The Killers – Hot Fuss was worth fussing over. They sound a little like Duran Duran but with more melody or an indie band you can dance to. They are comparable to Franz Ferdinand, but I think I like this album better. “Jenny was a friend of mine” is the best song on the album and has already had over 10 plays on the ipod in less than a week. The song “All these things I’ve done” is the ultimate pub sing along – especially the bit about “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”. They come from Vegas and actually have a song in the Australian charts called “Somebody told me”. If you have $20 – BUY THIS ALBUM!

So, I was going to write about it 😉 , but after listening to solid gold hits on the way to work I changed my mind a decided to talk about a classic.

It appeared in 1987, was written and sung by people we have never heard from again and can rouse anyone who knows it to scream “SCRAPE THEM OFF CAPTAIN!”. Yes, it’s Star Trekkin’ by The Firm.

I first heard it in grade 7 when we had to learn a modified version for our graduation. Our teachers had changed the words to apply to our school and although I can’t remember what those words were the parents absolutely loved it when it was performed. I don’t think I even knew what Captain Kirk was then. Living with a trekky I now understand the nuances of the song, and have spent a bit of time wondering about the long pause when Spock says “It’s life Jim but not as we know it, not as we know it……. Captain”. Does it mean that he doesn’t think much of him as a captain?

One hit wonders are great, because you’ll never be let down by a crap album they release after they’ve made their millions and have reached contentment. I wonder if the guys that wrote Star Trekkin’ are still living off it’s proceeds? It’s a bloody excellent song and if you have never heard it you need to.



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  1. u_kno_who says:

    my yr 7 music techer loved tht song good old dobbo always heard it at least once a week and i hated its guts it waz lke “star trekkin across the universe…” wat waz the writer smokin wen he thought of tht 1 jesus christ ive neva heard worse thn tht unless u count tht “blame it on the boogie” song by the jackson 5 wat a load of ****


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