Horned LizardIf you have never been hormonal or premenstral, this picture describes it exactly (and how I feel right now). It is a Horned Lizard expelling blood from it’s eyes. It’s also known as a horny toad. 🙂

I don’t know what it is about hormones that makes you hate everyone, get really grumpy and induces the need to leave your home and become a travelling gypsy but once a month that is how I feel. Hooray for being a female!



6 thoughts on “Hormonally challenged

  1. StargateFanVacation says:

    I acknowledge what you are saying but I think this week it is something deeper [or different]. I was feeling the exact same way but a little more tense the week prior to Sep 18 and I know it was because I was stressed out about your upcomming birthday. Its not easy finding a present for someone you think has everything. So pleeeeze chill out. Try not to stress about my birthday this week. I’d be happy if all you gave me was a promise to cook a roast lamb dinner every Sunday evening for the next mont 🙂

  2. Amyo says:

    Ok I promise to cook a roast every sunday for a mont, but not a month.

  3. u_kno_who says:

    thts a seriously disturbed picture youve got there amy im quite scared by it. id give u a hug but i live ova 1000kms away so i cant give u 1 oh well cant say muh but get betta soon i think


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