Good news on the Leo Nine front. While the band has been touring most of the South-East corner of Queensland (there is another one in Brisbane tonight at the Waterloo Hotel) some of their songs have been pimped to some important people. The Slow Bullet song has reached Richard Kingsmill’s ears at Triple J and they have added it to what they call the “spot” list. This means it will probably be played at least once a day but will get bumped up the list if we all start voting for it on Super Request or Net 50. If you’ve been hearing me gush about this band but haven’t had a chance to listen to them, now is the time to hear it. You can request it without getting up from your computer by submitting it to Super Request at the Triple J website. Just remember that you are requesting Leo Nine – The Slow Bullet. You can also make the request on the Net 50 site but you won’t be assured of hearing it there unless lots of people vote for it. No harm in it though because if enough of you do it it’ll make the list! Help expose this Brissy band to the rest of the country. Listen for the guitar bit at the end of the song just before he says “I see you waiting”- that makes me do air guitar.



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