Over the past few weeks I’ve gone to the mailbox and amongst all the bills and junkmails there has been a strange deposit. The deposit varies from Uno cards to blank maxell cd covers but the one thing in common is that they are all folded and then stapled. I’ve opened them up, tenderly trying to avoid anthrax or something but there isn’t any message inside. It’s just a folded up piece of cardboard stapled.

My theories about their origin have ranged from a little kid wanting to be a postman to the deck builder’s way of indicating that he has been at the house but so far it’s still a puzzle. It’s not like a robber puts it in there to see if I’m checking the mail because the mailbox is actually locked. For some reason the whole affair makes me think of those garden gnomes that send postcards from all over the world. Anyone know whether this is the 2005 version of the horse head in the bed idea? Is someone out to get me?



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