Big day for Annerley as they were up against arch rivals Virginia who’d they’d beaten in the quarter finals 2 weeks ago via penalties. I was looking to try out my new Canon 350D digital SLR which I had picked up from the post office late Friday afternoon but was dissapointed that my 55-200mm lens didn’t come with it (there was a note saying it would be sent later). That lens would have given me better zooming to personalise the action but in the end I just made do with cropping the photos I got which did result in some pixelation.

Virginia were the first to score in the first half. It was a good goal with a good kick which made it much better than their goal in the previous match. It didn’t stop it from hurting though and it sucked that I didn’t get a photo of Doona’s angry kick after it happened. Virginia were very vocal during the whole game and seemed to want it more, which was a little worrying. In the second half Annerley stepped it up a gear with 3 attempts by Annette to get it in and a couple by Lorena. The game was in it’s dying moments and Virginia looked to have it wrapped up when Kylie received the ball and the bounce hit her hand (not purposely which meant they could play on) and she passed it off to Annette who scored. Virginia were immediately incensed and got mad at the ref who ignored them. 10 seconds later and the ref blew the whistle to end the game. Golden goal time.

Viriginia were fired up over their perceived injustice but it was Annette who forced a save from the keeper just minutes after the kick off. After that it was mainly Virginia who were controlling the game but it wasn’t enough to get a goal. Just like the quarter finals it went to penalties. Emma missed, Doona saved, Vanessa’s shot was blocked, Doona saved, Annette scored, Doona saved, Jodie scored, Doona missed, Lorena scored and the game was won.

It’s a shame that a grand final has to end in that manner, but the result was great. I have to say that Virginia handled the defeat graciously and I think both teams were as good as each other. Annerley celebrated their win with the traditional stacks on then headed off to the showers for a bigger celebration. Congratulations girls!

More photos can be found in the Annerley Grand Final photo gallery.



2 thoughts on “Grand Final day for Annerley

  1. Kel says:

    Got to argue about your caption for when Doona missed. “Doona’s luck ran out…” I reckon it sounds like she played an awesome game – not luck!!

    From your commentary it sounds like it was a brilliant game, and everyone played well. Good work girls, enjoy the victory!

  2. dbee says:

    Wow Amy! Very impressed with your new camera and the awesome photos! I think maybe you can be our official team photographer 😉
    p.s. Doona was brilliant!


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