3 months, 30 full days of music, ipod crashes and revelations. It’s over. I’ve now listened to my entire music collection, rated them all and can now sit back and enjoy the spoils (until I get more music). To celebrate my joy of completing this sometimes odious task I shall provide you, my faithful readers, with some excellent music links:

  • I love
    (ILX) – Not a pretty website but it is full of people dedicated
    to the cause of loving music. Excellent discusions on music that is popular
    or obscure. The faq
    is very useful to get some idea of what all their acronyms stand for.

  • Hated
    men in rock
    – I like this article because it says everything I’d like
    to say about Paul McCartney and Sting.

  • Worst
    Album Covers Ever
    – You may have seen this as a word document but someone
    has collated it on to a website. I suspect this all started from an I love
    music thread.

  • Pitchfork
    – Good site for new indie music. This site causes much ire on ILX but I
    find it useful.

  • Ameoba Music
    – My favourite record store ever. I like the "what’s in my bag"
    section and the top sellers page. Thanks to Ameoba I discovered The
    and I am a much better person for it.

  • ILX
    2000-2004 Albums
    – These are the best albums from 2000-2004 as voted
    by the ILX readers. I don’t agree with them all, but I love the reviews.
    Reading this will keep you busy for days .

  • 50
    most essential pop albums
    – An excellent way to be reminded of old favourites
    that are still brilliant today.

  • Said the
    gramaphone music blog
    – MP3 blogs are a great way to discover new music.
    The idea is that they keep the songs on the server for 7 days, you can download
    it and listen then buy the album if you like it. Gramaphone is one example,
    but if you prefer a specific genre try the blogsearchengine
    site or fluxblog.

  • Australian Charts
    – I go here to find what lots of aussie people are listening to. Half the
    time I don’t even know the songs, which scares me because it means I am
    outgrowing my pop roots.

  • I wear hats now
    – He is still alive! LOL.



7 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. mib says:

    Your a better person now! (post The Thrills) Eeek! How bad were you before! 8-D

  2. Amyo says:

    Not having music playing in the background while I work is very unsettling. I kind of feel tense. Tomorrow I will fill the ipod and all will be fine again.

  3. Kel says:

    Wow – then I guess my e-mails of what music I was listening to weren’t helping then???

  4. Kel says:

    You can maybe put this down to my “ultra consumerism” (recently discovered via posts on my own site) but I checked out the Hated Men of Rock and I must say I disagree with some of them.

    What’s wrong with Anthony Keidis? I like his music??

    And I’ve never heard someone talk about Paul McCartney with such detest! I must agree that some of the things he has done of late isn’t what I would hope for from the post-beatle, but cut the guy some slack!

  5. amyo says:

    True Anthony doesn’t deserve it, but Paul has let me down ever since John died. He keeps insisting that he is cool cause he wrote helter skelter but I suggest it was drugs masking his hidden true “oh I am so nice” persona. Just because a psychopath used one of your songs as a mantra doesn’t make you “tha man”. That being said, he has written some wonderful songs.

    Sting has too, it’s just that they get lame in their old age. At least Elton wrote a good album when he got back with Bernie.

  6. u_kno_who says:

    ur rite amy tht is quick im sorri for eva doubtin u holy gezzus thts quick


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