Harry KewellIt seems that Harry Kewell is in town to train with the Aussie squad in preperation for their games against the Solomon Islands in the Confederations Cup. I’ve seen him play for Leeds in Melbourne but I’d love to see him play in Brisbane, so if anyone knows if you can go and see them train or if there is a signing or something then give us a yell. Wouldn’t mind checking out Brett Emerton as well, I don’t think he is utilised enough at Blackburn.

Of course I am completely shattered that Viduka is injured and won’t be playing but that’s soccer.



7 thoughts on “It’s Kewell in town

  1. Amyo says:

    And if they haven’t arranged for us to see our heros, then it’s just another stupid balls up by Australian Soccer marketing because there is no better way to promote football than show us a big Liverpool superstar who’s an aussie.

  2. Kel says:

    I tell ya – if I meet him it might cause him to break up with his wife…so I’m best to stay away 🙂

  3. mib says:

    (Using Yoda voice) Mmmm… got tickets on one’s self, has one? lol

  4. hannah says:

    oh my…..where the hell did he come from all of a sudden… without that long hair this guys a stunner!

  5. Tay says:

    OMG Harry Kewell is so so so so hot… yes he is one of the best go australia Mwa i
    (“V”) you x.x.x

  6. arri kewell says:

    when will you play with liverpool fc.
    now 12/11 liv lose from ars.
    it’s sad for liverpool fans.
    i’am fans with you….
    im from indonesia…i like you kewell
    please,come back for liverpool.


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