Right now I’m feeling depressed and sick to my stomach because I just ruined some guys day. This poor deaf guy made the mistake of asking me what train to take to get to Wet and Wild at the Gold Coast and I completely stuffed it up. We were at park rd station and I know that the gold coast train goes express after a certain station but I couldn’t remember which one. So I told him to go to Roma St and catch it from there. I get off at South Brisbane and tell him to get off at the next stop. I’m walking out of the station and I hear “Robina train running express to Beenleigh will arrive in 2 minutes”. If only I’d told the guy to get off with me he’d be on his way to frolicking in the summer sun at Wet and Wild. Instead he is probably bored shitless at Roma St waiting 30 mins for the next train.

Next time someone asks me for directions I’m just going to say I don’t know and let them ask someone who actually has a clue.



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