It’s widely acknowledged that alcohol can cause people to think that they are big studs and become more agressive. I put it to you that music can also cause this same phenomenon. Many times I have been walking down the street listening to my ipod when I’ve heard a song that makes me want to do karate moves, commando roll around corners and strut like I’m Fritz the Cat. I’m kind of hoping that I’m not the only person who does this, but if you’re not I suggest you listen to these songs and see how invincible you feel:

  • Beastie Boys – Sabotage
  • Isaac Hayes – Shaft
  • Crystal Method – Starting Over
  • The Chemical Brothers – block rockin beats
  • Prodigy – Smack my bitch up
  • 50 cent – In Da club
  • Janet Jackson – If
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give it away
  • Rage Against the Machine – Bullet in the Head

If Jet Li or Arnold tried to pick a fight with me while I was listening to one of these songs I reckon I’d win. What songs bring out the big tough ruffian strut machine in you?



2 thoughts on “You talking to me

  1. Amyo says:

    hmm.. looks like no one has anything to say about this post. Does this mean no one wants to admit to going to work listening to attack of the batwing from the Batman soundtrack? Is it just people who use mobile anti-social music devices that do this?


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