I have a new musical crush and her name is Feist. The internets are going crazy over her latest album and on first listen I didn’t really understand why. Sure it was good and yeah “I’ve seen it all” was pretty catchy but the album doesn’t grab you on first listen. Second and third however and soundly you are blown away by the lyrics and the acoustics of the song. By the tenth listen you still aren’t sick of it and keep finding new things to admire. It has this great live sound that in some way is reminiscent of vinyl. My picks on the album are:

So Sorry
I Feel It All
The Limit To Your Love
Brandy Alexander

Yeah, it’s sad girl music but this is the album Missy should have made. Here is a cool video of her performing live on a bus:

This will certainly be making mine and lots of other people’s end of year album lists.



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