On a trip when there are a lot of people it’s hard to keep track of who is who when I’m mentioning names. This is a cheat sheet so you know exactly who I’m talking about when making fun of them. You’ll notice there is no blurb or picture of me and that is because it’s my blog and I can edit myself out.

Cat – Was the striker of the team until injury forced her to take to the sidelines. Now spends her days driving around Brisbane providing help to the maimed and ill Cat
Danielle – Defender and sometimes midfielder. School friend of Amy’s and is the ultimate social organiser. Danielle
Faye – Striker and sometimes midfielder. Fell in to the leadership role on the trip and is partner to Cat. Faye
Julie – Midfielder and sometimes defender. Also heals the maimed and ill but doesn’t get to drive around. Had to sleep with Kylie on the trip but she’s straight! Julie
Kylie – Primarily plays midfield on the wings. Was unlucky to plan her wedding on the day the Socceroos played Paraguay in Brisbane. Missed them again on this trip. Kylie
Leanne – Defender. Goes by the nickname of Bood (pronounced like could) and was in the Annerley soccer team first – but came back via Mt Gravatt picking up the others on the way Leanne
Mel – Midfielder and sometimes striker. From the mother country of England but a 6 year veteran in the colonies. Is working on her breast confidence. Mel
Vanessa – Principle maimer who flits between midfield and defense. Has a wonderful and caring husband in Cameron but can still put up with a bunch of div 2s. Vanessa



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