I know I’m supposed to be listening to music I’ve never listened to for the next 14 days, but I can’t stop playing the Shins albums – especially the song “New Slang”. I think if I was to die tomorrow this would be the song I’d want at my wake. On that thought, if I was to die, whoever was choosing the music would instantly know all my favourites cause they are the ones have 5 star ratings in itunes. How considerate am I!

The thing I like most about the Shins, apart for the fact that I’m a sucker for indie/emo music, is the lyrics are just so meaningful while still being humourous. On the Chutes too Narrow album there is a song called “gone for good” which is the best kiss off song ever written.

It starts off with these brilliant lines:

Untie me, I’ve said no vows
The train is getting way too loud
I gotta leave here my girl
Get on with my lonely life

Just leave the ring on the rail
For the wheels to nullify

[Full lyrics here]

New Slang is my current favourite though. You know a song is good when McDonalds uses it as a theme song for an ad and they don’t mind that the lyrics talk about dirt in your fries. The theme of this song is also about a relationship break up and always makes me want to cry when they start doing the oooh ahh ooh type singing and the chorus about the gull. My pick of the lyrics for this song is this:

God speed all the bakers at dawn may they all cut their thumbs,
And bleed into their buns ’till they melt away.

[Full lyrics here]

Subtly hinting at who the girlfriend may have run away with.

And finally, my other favourite (if I have to select only 3) is “Mine’s not a high horse”. I like songs with the word malcontent in it, but this is the best part:

Do you remember my reply?
One finger parallel to the sky.

[Full lyrics here]

Much more poetic than “f**k off bitch*.

Both Shins albums have been equated to the kind of album you listen to mournfully in your bedroom as a teenager and I can testify to that (I’m still the mental age of a 17 year old). It has it’s origins in country music but don’t thing twang, think well written stories with emotion behind them. Both albums should be in everyones record collection. No debate.



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  1. Amyo says:

    You have one of the cds already. You just need to look at what you’ve got more closely.


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