The Queen St Mall hosted the Olympians from Greece today in a ticker tape parade. We had just had a work farewall gathering for Donna at the Pancake Manor and emerged to find large crowds gathering as the olympians came closer on their utes with the bales of hay.

So, rather than battle the crowds, we joined them and watched the procession. People clapped, but I preferred to shove my phone in their face and stare intently at the phone trying to take a picture. I think that is why I got some strange looks from them. Out of the 20 or so that I took, only one was worth anything, so for your viewing pleasure I give you Jodie Henry.

Jodie Henry

Although the only Olympic stuff I watched was the Matildas and some stuff while changing channels, I still admire the determination they have to reach the top of their sport. Awww.



4 thoughts on “Aussie Olympians live and direct to you

  1. Kelly says:

    I would have to say I’m more of an Olympic sport watcher-sop than you. I love watching it. I watched the basketball, swimming, rowing, running, handball etc.

    That’s right! I had my first view of the Olympic sport of Handball, and I would say it looks really fun! They run around with a tennis ball sized ball in their hand, have to get up to a particular line, attempt to jump higher than everyone else and throw the tennis ball as hard as they can into the net without the goalie blocking it. Really, it just looks like an advanced game of ducky that we used to play in primary school. The only difference is that in Ducky you had to stand against a wall and duck the ball so you didn’t get hit. You had to last on the wall as long as you could, as soon as you got hit you would go and swap places with the person and then you would be belting others. The fun was hitting others, and then sometimes you would sacrifice yourself and get hit just so you could peg the ball at someone else.

    Oh the irony of childhood (how did I get on this topic again…?)

  2. dbee says:

    great piccy, Amy. Jodie Henry rocks 🙂

    I agree with Kelly, European handball does look like fun and not that hard to play (well, it looks that way). They are looking at putting a team together for the Beijing anyone else keen? 😉

  3. amyo says:

    Faye won 2 tickets to go to a lunch with Jodie Henry on Monday. Can’t wait to see the pics and hear the story of what her and Kat got up to!


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