Schoolies has started for young australian high school graduates and that means a couple of weeks of loud music, drunken screaming from cars and people waking up on the beach with half their face burnt. It’s the aussie version of what the americans call spring break but we did it first. 🙂 Inspired by my constant and uninterrupted listening to the Go! Team’s album I have made a playlist of songs I would listen to if I was having schoolies this year. The criteria was a leaning towards songs from this past year, but could also include songs from the past 5 years (cause that’s how long high school is) with a theme of drinking, partying, hurting yourself and pashing. I present to you:

Amy’s 2004 Schoolies party dance woo mix

The Go! Team – Huddle Formation
Junior Senior – Chicks and Dicks
Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb
Daft Punk – One more time
The Killers – Smile like you mean it
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Where have all the rude boys gone
Hot Hot Heat – Bandages
The White Stripes – Girl you have no faith in medicine
Justin Timberlake – Rock your body
The Dissociatives – Young man, old man
Fatboy Slim – Don’t let the man get you down
Franz Ferdinand – Take me out
Le Tigre – After dark
Missy Higgins – Scar
Modest Mouse – Float On
No Doubt – Hella Good
Outkast – Hey Ya! (it’s wrong to not have this on a mix)
Spiderbait – Fucken Awesome
The Streets – Fit but you know it
Usher – Yeah!
Kanye West – We Don’t Care

I spent my schoolies on the Sunshine Coast where I was living at the time and it was the golden age before they started handing out condoms and drinking pamphlets, they didn’t make you pay large bonds and there was no specific marketing towards us. Large groups of kids would walk the beach from Cotton Tree to Mooloolaba and start bonfires at night. The cotton tree caravan park was the cool party place and mcdonalds never got such good patronage. I’ve never had so much fun with all my friends before and I was a teetotaler!

This is where I insert the cliche – “those were the days”.



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  1. Amyo says:

    the 90s! I’m not THAT old she says, clinging to her youth. 😀


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