The Killers - Sam's TownI happened to be in Wow Sight and Sound (how shit is their website?) on Saturday which also happened to be the day that the Killers released their new album Sam’s Town. Being such a huge fan of their last album I couldn’t resist the $20 price tag marked with a special edition sticker (meaning there was one extra song on it). The large amount of stock in store made it look like the promoters are pushing hard to have it debut at number one. After listening to it a couple of times now I can tell you that if it does debut at number one, it will be dropping the week after that. It will also have a hard time against the new Scissor Sisters album which is currently number one.

The reviews of the album talk about how the band have listened to a lot of Bruce Springsteen and U2 for influence and you can hear it in their lyrics. Only problem is that social consciousness does not suit the Killers. It just sounds fake and forced. The music is still good but the vocal delivery is poor and a huge letdown. Right now in this age of no liquids on planes and killer stingrays we still need music to make us feel good. The Killers should just leave the preaching up to bands that are good at that and keep thrilling us with ironic love songs and fun.

I have a feeling the album will eventually grow on me, but that will only be because I’ll become immune to the lyrics. In the meantime I’ll be relying on the Scissor Sisters to be filling the happy gap for me while I anxiously wait for Junior Senior to release their second album hoping to god it’s not about starving children. There is still a need for happy music people!!!

On a similar note, I’m really into The Feeling’s “Twelve stops and Home” album even though it was recommended to me by my mum. Think Supertramp, 1970s, english guitar pop. This fulfills my criteria of happy music and I thoroughly recommend it for a sunday drive record. Bloody well excellent!



5 thoughts on “The Killers stumble in to town

  1. Cakes says:

    The Feeling’s album is awesome. I’m just back from the UK, where they are HUGE, and it was all I heard. Did you know the lead singer is married to Sophie Ellis Bextor?

  2. Mystery Man says:

    How shit is their website? How shit is their domain name!?, pulease!

  3. amyo says:

    I had no idea Sophie Ellis Baxtor was involved with the Feeling. There’s a murder on the twelfth stop!

    Good pickup Kelly, I have indeed sold out. Malcolm told me that he had been paid out for his google ads while I’ve been stagnant on the same amount for almost a year. He suggested I make it a bit more prominent rather than down the side, so I went the whole hog and had images. So far it’s working well as the amount has risen for the first time in months and I might actually get enough to pay for this years hosting! Brilliant. 😀

  4. Kel says:

    So if I click more does that mean I get more space to store my blog, since I’m already leeching off you for free hosting??



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