Thanks to my recent trip to Hong Kong I now have a new addiction to add to the already long list. Hong Kong seems to be a mecca for those who love all things Adidas and for someone who had a mild affliction it was like a cold turning in to pneumonia. On my return the already existing Sambas and Goodyears now had a partner in Rio and Moscow. But that wasn’t enough. Now I want the set to complete it, starting with Barcelona and ending with Hollywood.

Unfortunately Brisbane is pretty lame when it comes to hard to get sneakers (or even easy to get ones), so I’m having to resort to purchasing on the net. I’ve managed to hold off for now while my bank balance recovers from the trip, but rest assured I will have the Barcas, oh yes, I will.

In my research I’ve discovered that I’m not the only one who has a fixation with sneakers and I would be considered the ultimate newbie on the sneakerfreaker site. There are hardcore people on there who have basements full of boxes of sneakers and the most valued of all those are dead stock – shoes that have never been worn. Sneakers seem to be where a lot of trendy designers are expressing themselves and you can even find toy designers teaming up with companies such as Nike for 2000 pair limited releases of shoes.

Mostly my affliction is focused on Adidas shoes, but Puma has a nice Mongolian BBQ idea which I’m very partial to. At a mongolian bbq you pick the ingredients and sauces then give it to the chef to cook for you. The deal with Puma is that they provide you with a bunch of different materials pre-cut in to shapes for you to form your own personalised shoe. I spent about 2 hours on the site and came up with the Viduka Royale. The only problem is you can’t buy it online and the only store in Australia doing it is in Sydney (for a limited time only). Anyone going to Sydney feel like ordering one for me? I can give you the recipe. 🙂

Personalised Pumas called Viduka Royale designed by me!

I do find it hard to like any of the Nike shoes for some reason but I haven’t quite figured out why. The only one I would actually consider buying is the Nike Air Force 1 Premium QK Frankenstein which is as green as you’d imagine. I actually like Nike soccer shoes so I’m not sure what it is about the trainers that suck.

Right now the varieties and history of the shoes are like a candy store to me and I’m loving finding out the history and what shoes are valued over others. I’m not rich enough or dedicated enough to join the sneaker elite, but I would like to try and keep my Moscow’s as white as I can for as long as I can, which would be helped by being able to cycle the shoes daily… are you reading this Pauline? 😉



6 thoughts on “Kix, Sneakers, Trainers = affliction

  1. amyo says:

    That is really cool to be published – you must be chuffed – especially as all that work in writing it had a great outcome. Even better, it was about something you loved rather than the lifecycle of a pimple or something. 😀

    So if I ever see someone in Brisbane wearing an identical pair of Rios then I’ll know it’s you!

  2. Cakes says:

    I’ll send you a copy of the book if you like – I havee press copies coming out of my ears!
    Its been commissioned by Uni of Qld for some bizarre reason.

  3. Flyingbrick says:

    G’day Amy,

    I’m one of Kel’s friends, and I live in Sydney. Where abouts can those personalised shoes be bought?

    Always love ur blog entries by the way 🙂

    PS, I’m the one who asked about any photo tips before I went on my holiday to Canada and the US


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