It’s been a while since I’ve been instantly grabbed by a song and The Russian Futurist’s “Two Dots on a Map” has done it for me. Originally started by one dude they’ve grown to a three piece and sound a little bit like Death Cab for Cutie using drums from the Go Team. Two dots sounds like it should be a sweeping long shot at the end of a beautiful movie with Renee Zellweger kissing Hugh Grant or Orlando Bloom or something. I struggled hard to find an example for you on youtube but the best I could find was a horribly recorded live version that distorted all the vocals. So instead I’ll link to the song on coke machine and embed the youtube video for the song “Paul Simon”. Cheery, dancy and happy, my only complaints are that the lyrics sometimes get a little lost and none of the songs can be played on guitar hero. Enjoy!



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