Since this is the 501st blog post, I thought I’d celebrate the occasion with some excerpts of the posts that never made it to the published state for one reason or another.

From Scandanavian backpackers dated 31st January 2005:

How to tell the difference between a scandanavian backpacker and a Queensland Local in Brisbane:

If you see a pasty white person in the street near a beautifully even tanned god, the pasty white person is the aussie.

From rss to success dated 15th April 2005

A lot of web surfing consists of visiting sites you know to see if there is any new info on there. But it’s a lot of effort to visit all your sites via bookmarks in your browser and see what’s going on. What if there was a way to view all your favourite websites in the one place only displaying new stuff since you last checked? OMG! There is!

This is where the rss, xml, feed stuff comes in. If a website has one, it means that a newsfeed reader can go and get it and tell you there is something new on the site and to check it out. Most of them will show you a lot of the news snippets in your reader so you don’t even have to visit the site. Originally rss feeds were set up for nerds to go and checkout websites like slashdot but it has now spiralled out so that you can even subscribe to photo or link feeds.

From some introspection dated 26 April 2005

I was going to sit down and write about what I think propels me to blog. Wine gives me a headache, so I was just going to make a cup of tea, put on some Sufjan Stevens and get all moody and thoughtful. But my computer hell continues to haunt because I’ve moved some folders and Sufjan can’t be found by itunes anymore. Thankfully Maggie provided me with a mixed cd that seems to suit, so I’ll continue.

From skipping near the fire dated 16th June 2005:

Somewhere, someplace in Brisbane, is a big mound of garden waste and cement rubble that came from my house. 7 tonnes of waste to be exact, which is what Pauline and I put in to a skip over the three days of the Queen’s Birthday weekend. We’d tried to get rubbish removers to quote on getting rid of the stuff but they were always too selective in what they wanted to take away. “I’ll get rid of that piece of wood, but not that piece of wood” they were virtually saying. Well sod you jack – we’ll get rid of it all ourselves!


From 1994 – Defined songs of the geek geek hood (a series I never got round to finishing) dated 13th October 2005:

I came to the Nirvana thing really late, in fact I only really started to appreciate Kurt Cobain AFTER he died – due in part to the MTV Live in New York album. I actually liked Hole before I liked Nirvana which is blasphemy to a lot of people. "Miss World" was the first song from the album and it was the lyrics "I’m Miss World, somebody kill me" that was the clincher. Not since Joan Jett or Pat Benetar had a woman rocked out so hard and done it in a pretty baby doll dress. I went out and bought the single which was pressed in hot pink vinyl. Probably a collectors item now. I brought it back from England and was paid out by my Nirvana loving friend Prue for owning it. But after me playing it repeatedly she became converted and bought the cd. Fair deal, as she exposed me to Pavement. That year (or the year after) we went to see Hole play at the Arena. We stood up the front and could see up her dress when she put her foot on the amp to play the guitar in a hero like way. This was the concert where she tried to chat up Helen Razer’s Keanu looking boyfriend after the show which caused Helen to bitch about Courtney often on Triple J. "Pretty on the Inside" is much more raw than their easy listening second album which makes it a "I’m angry" mood album. Regardless, it is still a definitive record for the mid 90s. 

From Salamat Pagi Sufjan dated 22nd November 2005:

At work today I was telling the story about learning the Indonesian language in grade 10. I’d struggled for about 2 years and the ultimate moment of my failure was when I crashed and burned in an exam and got a Very Low Achievement. My teacher was a really cool woman who understood that I was having problems and offered me the chance to take the test again. In the meantime the language had finally clicked for me. So it must have seemed weird for her when I did it again and got a High Achievement. But she can’t claimed I cheated because it was only her and I in the room. Which leads me to Sufjan Stevens.

From New Phone dated 27th June 2006:

I’m not really in to phones that much so I actually approached the purchase in a totally non geeky manner. All I wanted was something simple, had a good camera and could stream the world cup and big brother. Gazing across all the phones with all the features I suddenly understood what it was like for someone who didn’t know anything about computers shopping for a new pc. Acronyms, programs, techonologies blah blah blah. Just tell me how it can improve things in my life!! These days it seems like you need a technology degree to buy an electrical product.

I’m a little surprised that I have so few unfinished blog items as I tend to not have a long span of attention. Interestingly enough this blog site is the longest piece of internet technology of used if you don’t count google. I wonder how long it will take me to get to 1000 since I started this at the end of 2003. Guess maybe 2009 at this rate then?



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