Had a big dose of reality dished out to me this morning in regards to my image. Pauline asked me if the next time I’m near the shops in the city I could find her a large body brush as the one she used to have has dissappeared. She then informed me that she thinks she might have thrown the old one away because she suspected that I might have used the old one to clean the toilet.

Apart from the obvious fact that I am the last person to clean a toilet, what the hell does she think I am? Am I that out of touch with reality in her mind that I don’t know the diffence between a toilet and body brush?

toilet brush body brush

I proceeded to tell her that of course I hadn’t used her body brush to clean the toilet! I had used her electric toothbrush because it rotated automatically. You know, the one she had used just before she started the discussion. 



6 thoughts on “Brushing off Pauline’s comments

  1. Jules says:

    This guy I met at the pub once told me he got robbed. The took the TV, video, DVD player and some money. Anyway about a month later some photos arrived in the mail.

    The were pictures of the burgular, with this guy’s toothbrush up his bum!

  2. Kel says:

    If only they sold that in Ikea, then it would definately be found in Amy & Pauline’s bathroom.


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