Since the pope has decreed that everyone should have a nativity scene in their home to be reminded that Christmas isn’t about shopping, the team at work had an impromptu meeting to create one for our work area. The rule was that everything had to come from stuff we had around the office.

The three wise men came bearing gifts of pink, orange and green flourecent ink, the arc angel bear hovered above while the disco ball shined like a star in the sky. Mary, still with a large belly from her pregnancy promoted her linux leanings while the animals in the stable watched on. Of course no one could play the little baby Jesus like Harry Kewell who was wrapped up in the manger. Since this is the modern age (take note Pope Benedict) it was important to have a slogan for the nativity. We chose to quote Homer Simpson “Jeebers is the reason for the season”.

Who said IT people aren’t creative!




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