Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the world wide web (but not the internet) has started a blog. He has only written one post yet it has over 450 comments replying to it. I wonder if he has the discipline to write often because lately I seem to be lacking it.

P.S. It seems fitting that it turns out that the first webserver, Tim’s own NeXTSTEP cube, has ties to Apple via Steve Jobs. In fact the OSX operating system is based on NeXT’s OpenStep operating system. Suck on that windows users. 😉



5 thoughts on “The father of www has a blog

  1. Kel says:

    I’m a windows user, but I don’t get it, so I’m just going to hide in my computer-technology-jargon-ignorant corner.


  2. mib says:

    Typical Apple user always hoping to find something big done with Apple. The only thing the NeXTSTEP cube and OSX have in common is Steve Jobs. NeXTSTEP was based on an OS called Mach to which Jobs added a UNIX interface, OSX is based on a variant of BSD a UNIX type operating system. So it is UNIX that is common link. So stick that apple and windows users.

    BTW Apple has been phasing out all support for NeXTSTEP. Also, the latest versions of windows has unix at its core.

  3. ric says:

    just randomly found your blog and would like to say wow and next grr unix is slowly geting to the core of everything. which isnt bad but soon the world we live in and all things that we know will come crashing down due to some guy who has nothing beter to do then exploit the simplicty of unix and its so easy .yet hard to learn launguage. note just rambling

  4. Madram says:

    Tim’s blog – But
    will “god” have anything worthwhile to blog about? As a disciplined
    researcher, the need for organisied discourse and peer review might be too much
    for him to overcome and start writing stream-of-consciousness stuff. With squillions
    of www-groupies hanging of his every word (and ready to quote it back) the spontaneity
    of the blog sort of diminishes..

    As I post this, Sir Tim’s blog has two entries, and he has turned off comments
    because of the tidal wave of “Thanks for the www, Tim” postings. Price
    of fame, hey?

    In many ways, blogs and wikis have simply caught up with TBL’s original concept
    for the world-wide-web as a freely editable online collaborative space. If everyone
    had embraced “Amaya” as a browser/editor, would blog tools have caught

    As the man says himself: “I have had the luxury of having a web site which
    I have write access, and I’ve used tools like Amaya and Nvu which allow direct
    editing of web pages. With these, I haven’t felt the urge to blog with blogging


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